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OK. So here’s a post…

January 22, 2008

DAY #000002

Crap I did today:

  • Didn’t kill anyone at work (always a good thing).
  • Brushed 2 cats.
  • Worked on a board game design that’s not working out.
  • Made my yearly donation to my Individual Retirement Account.
  • Paid some other bills (always fun).
  • Exercised.

Stuff I watched:

  • Life Without People” from the History Channel. It was OK. In a nutshell, mankind’s legacy is gone after 10,000 years. Sort of a downer.
  • American Idol” from Fox. Some people sang good, others didn’t. Glad it was only one hour tonight.
  • Watched the last 10 minutes of the UConn Women’s BB game vs. UNC. Too bad about Mel Thomas.


  • The whole “Heath Ledger” thing is sort of sad. I hope it isn’t a deliberate suicide or accidental drug overdose. What’s up with these Hollywood actors? Didn’t he learn from the whole “Brad Renfro” thing that happened a few days ago?
  • Fred Thompson dropped out of the US presidential race. Hate to break it to his fans but he was never in it anyway.
  • I can’t wait for the summer.

My own personal challenge for tomorrow:

  • Clip my toenails. They seem long.