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Want More? OK…

January 23, 2008

Crap that I did today:

  • Didn’t kill anyone at work (I’m on a roll…).
  • Brushed 2 other cats.
  • Opened up some mail that I should have opened up a while ago (no bills, thankfully).

Crap that I’ll do by the end of today:

  • Exercise.
  • Other stuff.

Shows that I’ll watch by the end of today:

  • “American Idol” on FOX. I’m guessing it’s another fun-filled mix of decent singers & total losers (not to mention bad singers).


  • Apparently, Palestinians like food. Who knew?
  • In the “Heath Ledger” death conspiracy theories watch, I’ve seen: Deliberate suicide, accidental suicide via sleeping pills & pneumonia. Sorry, but I can’t generate much sympathy about this anymore. Man made more scratch in one year then I’ll make in my entire life. What’s the matter with rich, popular folks going off the deep end?

Mission Accomplished!

  • I clipped my toenails earlier today. I feel so productive.

New Task that I Don’t want To Do:

  • My hard drive is cluttered. I need to wipe 1 gig off of it.