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Weekend Edition

February 2, 2008

Crap that I did this weekend:

  • Went to a book sale.
  • Exercise.
  • Brush cats.
  • Finished jigsaw puzzle.
  • Started & finished a very small jigsaw puzzle.
  • Played the video game “Bioshock.”
  • Bonus task: I also had to vacuum the upstairs hallway, bathroom & stairs as well since I was vacuuming my room.

Crap that I hope to do by the end of the weekend:

  • Watch part of “Super Bowl 42.”
  • Play more of the video game “Bioshock.” Update: Done.
  • Clip fingernails. Update: Done.
  • Vacuum room. Update: Done.
  • If its decent out, maybe do a bit of raking. Update: The ground was all soggy (melting snow) so I picked up branches instead. I had to saw a partially torn-off branch from a tree as well.
  • Fill bird feeders. Update: Done.
  • Send out a resume or two.


  • I don’t know why I go to book sales. I’m not really interested in books. I don’t have a “favorite” author or series or anything like that. I don’t care if I have a 1st edition or 2nd edition or paperback or whatever. It’s not like I don’t read but, at the same time, it’s not my passion.
  • The National Football League hates churches for some reason.
  • I hope that the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl by a score of 842-3 (yes, a complete blowout would be nice). I know that, elsewhere in the world, the Super Bowl isn’t a big deal but in the U.S., it’s a big deal.
  • “Bioshock,” after the pretty scenery, ain’t all that. In fact, it’s getting kind of boring. I’m currently in Fort Frolic. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m cheating by giving myself free “Eve” (fancy term for a type of ‘ammunition’), I’d probably have quit the game by now. Some quick observations about the game…
    • There’s an awful lot of medical stations around for a supposedly utopian city where nothing bad was supposed to happen.
    • I hate games where enemies come out of nowhere. Can’t game designers make a game where enemies logically come from somewhere?
    • I hate games that have respawning enemies. Please stop. Just stop.
    • Taking pictures is “Research”? At least do something with the pictures: Go to a station to have them analyzed. Why not just hide in a corner & study the enemies? Wouldn’t that be the same? Why do I need a picture?

Resume update:

  • Nothing.

Mission NOT Accomplished!

  • I’ll finish the objectives later on in the weekend.

My personal challenge for Monday:

  • Go to bed at 8 PM. Yes, 8 PM.

Hump Day Happiness…

January 30, 2008

Crap that I did today:

  • Exercise.
  • Brush Cats.
  • Finish yesterday’s personal challenge.
  • Work on jigsaw puzzle.
  • Watch “American Idol.”
  • Remember to record the new episode of “Mythbusters” for later viewing.


    • I was on the fence about purchasing an ocarina from Mountain Ocarinas but they seemed to have raised their prices recently. That’s too bad – The price on their entry-level ocarinas just went from barely tolerable to a wee-bit too much. Furthermore, it appears that their “Pro-Range” ocarina is vaporware for another straight year. I had high hopes for that company. Oh well.
    • It looks like we’ll have a white male president for another four years. You figure it out.

    Resume Update:

    • Nothing so far.

    Mission ACCOMPLISHED!!!!

    • Taxes are done for the year! Yea! All ready to be mailed out tomorrow!

    My personal challenge for tomorrow:

    • Vacuum my room. The carpet is getting dirty.

    Letting Yourself Go…

    January 29, 2008

    Crap that I did today:

    • Work.
    • Exercise.
    • Brush cats.
    • Help solve new jigsaw puzzle my Dad & I are building.
    • Watch the TV show “American Idol.”
    • Watch TV coverage of the Republican Florida primary.
    • Complete yesterday’s personal challenge.


      • My prediction for tonight (the primary, not “American Idol”): Ready. Tested. Gone.
      • Celebrating a hollow victory makes you look mentally-challenged. Maybe you should actually win something of value before you make a big deal of it.
      • The TV show “American Idol” needs to be put out of it’s misery.
      • Drink after you attend a formal function, not before.

      Resume Update:

      • Nothing yet on Company “A” or “B” response.

      Mission Accomplished!

      • I remade my bed earlier today. I feel so neat & tidy.

      My personal challenge for tomorrow:

      • Do my taxes. I’ve got all my financial stuff in already.

      TGIM… Not!

      January 28, 2008

      Crap that I did today:

      • Un-installed/Re-installed “OpenOffice.”
      • Brushed cats.
      • Exercised.
      • Finished the jigsaw puzzle that my Dad & I were working on.


      • So, the word “Canadian” is the new code word for “the N-word,” eh?
      • My OpenOffice program became corrupted. So, I un-installed it & attempted to install the latest version. It took me awhile but it eventually installed.

      Mission Accomplished!

      • I sent out 2 resumes earlier today. I feel so motivated. Let’s call the resumes “A” & “B,” respectively. I’ll keep you up to date on how they progress.

      My personal challenge for tomorrow:

      • My bed sheets are getting disorganized. It’s time to completely re-make my bed.

      On a Roll…

      January 25, 2008

      Crap that I did today:

      • Didn’t kill… Well, you know the rest…
      • Put some pieces into a jigsaw puzzle that my Dad & I are building.

      Crap that I’ll Do By The End of Today:

      • Exercise.
      • Brush cats.
      • Maybe play a video game but only briefly.


      • What are the odds of a Las Vegas casino catching on fire?
      • This is the last time I mention Heath Ledger in my blog until the official cause of death is announced. My guess: He overdosed on sleeping pills. Maybe I’m right & maybe I’m not. We’ll see in a few days.

      Mission Accomplished!

      • I processed 10 envelopes earlier today. I feel so un-cluttered.

      My personal challenge for The Weekend:

      • My room is dusty. I need to spend 60 minutes dusting it.

      Want More? OK…

      January 23, 2008

      Crap that I did today:

      • Didn’t kill anyone at work (I’m on a roll…).
      • Brushed 2 other cats.
      • Opened up some mail that I should have opened up a while ago (no bills, thankfully).

      Crap that I’ll do by the end of today:

      • Exercise.
      • Other stuff.

      Shows that I’ll watch by the end of today:

      • “American Idol” on FOX. I’m guessing it’s another fun-filled mix of decent singers & total losers (not to mention bad singers).


      • Apparently, Palestinians like food. Who knew?
      • In the “Heath Ledger” death conspiracy theories watch, I’ve seen: Deliberate suicide, accidental suicide via sleeping pills & pneumonia. Sorry, but I can’t generate much sympathy about this anymore. Man made more scratch in one year then I’ll make in my entire life. What’s the matter with rich, popular folks going off the deep end?

      Mission Accomplished!

      • I clipped my toenails earlier today. I feel so productive.

      New Task that I Don’t want To Do:

      • My hard drive is cluttered. I need to wipe 1 gig off of it.

      OK. So here’s a post…

      January 22, 2008

      DAY #000002

      Crap I did today:

      • Didn’t kill anyone at work (always a good thing).
      • Brushed 2 cats.
      • Worked on a board game design that’s not working out.
      • Made my yearly donation to my Individual Retirement Account.
      • Paid some other bills (always fun).
      • Exercised.

      Stuff I watched:

      • Life Without People” from the History Channel. It was OK. In a nutshell, mankind’s legacy is gone after 10,000 years. Sort of a downer.
      • American Idol” from Fox. Some people sang good, others didn’t. Glad it was only one hour tonight.
      • Watched the last 10 minutes of the UConn Women’s BB game vs. UNC. Too bad about Mel Thomas.


      • The whole “Heath Ledger” thing is sort of sad. I hope it isn’t a deliberate suicide or accidental drug overdose. What’s up with these Hollywood actors? Didn’t he learn from the whole “Brad Renfro” thing that happened a few days ago?
      • Fred Thompson dropped out of the US presidential race. Hate to break it to his fans but he was never in it anyway.
      • I can’t wait for the summer.

      My own personal challenge for tomorrow:

      • Clip my toenails. They seem long.