Random Musings…

Random Thoughts from the Past Month… After the Break…

Random Musings…

I had planned to write a formal blog post but time ran out. Maybe I’ll write that post early next month. Here are some random thoughts until then…

Lousy Automobile Drivers –

You should consider turning your headlights on (headlights, not parking lights) when driving in even dusk conditions. You know, so people can actually see you careening down the road. That’s the whole point: NOT to get hit by other vehicles. Writing of which…

…If you’ve got diabetes so bad that you can’t feel your feet, maybe you shouldn’t be driving an automobile. Automobiles require, you know, people with a certain amount of feeling in their feet in order to have a certain competency to drive. Something to do with pushing the gas & brake pedals, supposedly.

Also, I know that the roads tend to be more deserted than usual (as they should be, given the circumstances) but that doesn’t give you free license to dictate your own pace. Speed limits are put in place for a reason; Not everyone aspires to be a NASCAR driver someday or emulate one whenever the mood strikes them.

Sports –

I’m sure that the Fall sports are going to attempt to be played but who’s going to be brave enough to go into the stands and watch them? Who’s going to be brave enough to go out onto the field (or court, or pitch, or rink) and play it? We’re all facing uncertain times… Why don’t we just sit back, let the experts hash this situation out as best they can and open up when it doesn’t involve the possible deaths of more people? After all, fans can’t watch your sport if they’re dead and they can’t watch your sport if the players are dead, either.

And that’s it from me for this month.

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