Sometimes, the old Internet does flicker back to life… After the break…


Who knows how traditions and routines start when it comes to Internet viewing habits? In the old days, before search engines became truly efficient, there were webrings and link pages on individual websites. Nowadays, things are recommended to you thanks to AI algorithms and cookies and “Influencers” and who knows what other dark magic that the Internet possesses.

I can’t precisely remember when I first started viewing the videos on the “filmnstuff” channel on Youtube and who knows why but I always found the person behind it to be funny. I’ve never been a player of console video games but I found the videos to be amusing, as though the comedian Lewis Black (known for his onstage “pseudo-barely contained outrage” comedy routines) were reviewing console video games.

And then, for a few years, the videos simply stopped occurring. Was filmnstuff dead? Did he go to jail? Did he convert to some strange religion where you sit in the mountains, contemplating life and watching birds and clouds go by?

“Filmnstuff,” to me, became just another symbol of the yesteryear Internet, of websites that suddenly gave you a “404” or Internet friendships that suddenly stopped dead in their tracks or promising mods for games that never went past a few nice screenshots and maybe a minute or two of alpha gameplay.

Until it didn’t.

Imagine my utter surprise when, within the past month or so, his Youtube channel suddenly came back to life and he began making more video game reviews again.

I don’t know how to express this type of situation to younger people who have yet to experience the phenomenon of more things being taken away from them than things being added. However, at some point in your life, you will begin to experience that part of your life: More friends moving away and cutting ties than new friends being added; More TV shows getting cancelled or otherwise ending than finding new TV shows to watch; More computer games disappointing you than finding new computer games that you enjoy playing.

Yet that is what happens to everyone who gets older and the Internet is just another one of those categories: More websites that you frequent that close up than finding new ones to frequent and so forth. It’s a rather sad, unfortunate but ultimately inevitable part of aging, knowing that your world is slowly shrinking while someone else’s is slowly growing, expanding and becoming “the new normal.”

I was really happy that a channel that I used to pay attention to, a part of my “old” Internet, suddenly came back to life again. It’s not exactly time traveling back to 1998 and being able to walk through a computer game store or walking through EPCOT Center before it started sucking, but gosh darn if it didn’t give to me, for just the briefest of moments, a nice happy feeling of a more vintage Internet.

So, in conclusion, it makes me inspired to keep up on my own Internet projects; To keep the lights on wherever I have a presence (yes, even this blog which hardly anyone ever reads anymore) and even push a little harder to pump out more content. After all, just as there were people who sat down for a few cheerful moments with “filmnstuff,” there may even be a few people who sat down for a few cheerful moments for what I have to express. And isn’t that what’s ultimately important in life? Giving people a few moments of happiness and levity and cheerfulness where otherwise their lives are dismal and gray?

This is Lutonaut signing off. Thanks for reading.

And thanks to filmstuff for signing back on.

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