Oops, Part III…

Because laziness is contagious… After the break…

Oops, Part III…

At some point, I will find the time to review something (a book, a movie, a short film, a computer game, a television show, a YouTube video) meaningfully.

Until that blessed time, all that I can write is that I once again have shirked my responsibility for providing the Internet with some of my own thoughts concerning the world.

It is not on purpose; As I get older, the time that I have for such activities continues to shrink.

I have given thought about simply converting this blog back to one of it’s original purposes: Being a blank slate for which to express my initial opinions on just about everything. However, I don’t want to go back to that world; There are many other places a person can find initial opinions.

So, for yet another month, this blog is merely a placeholder until the time occurs when I do have the time and the interest to invest in meaningfully reviewing and recording my thoughts on a particular creative effort. Until then…

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