Oops, Part II…

Third time’s the charm?… After the break…

Oops, Part II…

Too much has been occurring in my life to create a comprehensive post for this blog. That reality troubles me but, at the very least, I am aware of the difficulties and can admit them.

For another month, there will be no comprehensive post. No movie that I have seen has evoked enough passion to write about and no computer game (or mod of such a game) has elicited such a strong feeling as the need to express it with thoroughness.

This unintended drought has sharpened my focus as to what I would prefer for this blog to be. In the past, it was a sounding board for my (somewhat) uneducated and not eloquent opinions on a variety of topics. Later on, it became my observations about small Internet events. Just prior, they were thoughtful reviews of movies and computer games.

And for the future… I don’t know yet. But I’m getting there.


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