Dear Fast Driver…

Tailgating me doesn’t work… After the break…

Dear Fast Driver…

I honestly hate complaining about fast drivers. I would much prefer to revive this blog with thoughtful commentary on games, movies, life in general… However, I live in a society where driving automobiles is the most common form of transportation. Unfortunately, a lot of people who drive those automobiles enjoy driving them at a highly excessive rate of speed, far more than the driving conditions allow. And I don’t do that. I don’t drive at an excessive rate of speed.

Not all of us drive as fast as you do. Perhaps we do not have your lightning fast reflexes. Perhaps we do not have the braking capability of your vehicle or, for that matter, the horsepower of your vehicle. Perhaps we are unfamiliar with the road that you are very familiar with. Or we want to avoid the situation where we have to brake suddenly for a squirrel, chipmunk, tree branch, cat, dog or person. Is there a pothole ahead? There might be but, at your speeds, I would not know because I might not be able to react in time. Perhaps you have a vehicle that can handle significant potholes better. Or have the money to repair your vehicle if it doesn’t.

In short, I am not similar to you, fast driver. I drive at what I feel is a comfortable speed for the environment that I am in. I was on a backroad with many sharp corners. You were right behind me. Within mere feet. Would a yardstick have fit between the back of my car and the front of yours? Most likely not. Had I braked sharply because of a pothole or a child running into the street, you would have backended me for certain. That would not have made either of our days very pleasurable.

There was no reason to tailgate me, fast driver. At all. I was going slightly above the speed limit which, quite honestly, was appropriate for the road that we were on. Unlike yourself, I had no one to impress with displays of foolish bravado by driving excessively fast.

When you finally turned off on a side road, you peeled away. Good for you. You endangered both of us (and more) by your foolish actions. You should have been significantly farther away from me, which would have given you far more time for braking or evasive maneuvering should the need have arisen. Luckily for both us, that time never happened.

Driving responsibility is a civic responsibility. I take it seriously. I do not profess to be perfect at driving. By driving at an appropriate speed, though, I provide to myself the opportunity to avoid calamity should it occur. Some incidents may be unavoidable but driving responsibly affords me the opportunity to allow most of those incidents to be avoidable. You did not give me that opportunity when you knowingly tailgated me for so long despite my driving at a responsible speed.

I hope that, someday, your driving behavior improves, for everyone’s sake.

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