Odds & Ends…

Because writing something coherent is hard and time-consuming… After the break…

Odds & Ends…

I need to re-energize this blog. Once per month is convenient but, clearly, isn’t cutting it. However, I simply don’t have the time that I used to. And I also want to keep this blog going, even if it is just on life support. Therefore, the few (if any) readers will continue to get these until something significant happens where I either find my writing mojo again or I find so much impossibly sparse free time that I can write more blog posts.

Idiot Drivers…

Turn signals. They really aren’t optional. Use them. Always.

Going through intersections when the light is red. You shouldn’t do that. Ever.

Tinted windows. They’re really stupid. You can’t see out them. What are you? A drug dealer? Avoiding your ex?

Passing someone while driving up a hill. Just don’t. Be an alpha person someplace else. Just not here.

Driving without your headlights on and it’s dusk. I’m glad that you can see in the dark. No one else can. I left my night-vision goggles at home. I suggest that you do the same and just put your headlights (not your parking lights) on. Do the rest of the world a favor.

Riding without your helmet on. Glad that you want to be an involuntary organ donor. I don’t want the memory of you being splattered all over the pavement or on my car. Helmets don’t limit your vision or your “freedom”; They help save your life and increase the quality of life for everyone else around you. Stop being stupid – Wear a helmet.

Labyrinth (1986 movie) retrospective…

This film hasn’t aged well. The puppetry was innovative but… Well, everything else just feels flat. The stunt casting of David Bowie as the Goblin King hasn’t aged well. Jennifer Connelly comes off as initially annoying. The ending is bland.

Had Jim Henson lived, I’m guessing that he would have dropped puppetry for CGI or, at the least, motion-capture CGI. There’s only so much that can be done with rods and strings and that’s clearly evident in this film.

There are all sorts of artistic flourishes but the entire story feels more like, “I’m sorry, Hollywood, for making ‘The Dark Crystal.’ Please forgive me. Here’s a more marketable film.”

Grim Dawn (2016 game) impressions…

The spiritual successor to “Titan Quest” is essentially a souped-up version of that game but continues some of the most annoying aspects of ARPGs. I hate loot grind with a passion and boss battles where you are in an enclosed arena with the enemy. The increased RPG aspects with the dialog are welcome, as with other bits such as with the secret areas and how the areas change with the progression in the story. The soundtrack of this game compared with TQ is more atmospheric than memorable; Comparing the first track in TQ with anything that I’ve heard so far with GD isn’t a fair fight.

Would it really be that hard to save the location of a temporary portal (sorry, “riftgate”) as a poor man’s version of a save so that I don’t have to grind through who knows how many corridors or areas to get back to where I was when I had to ditch the game so that I could go do something in real life? Not everyone has four hours to spare to get from one riftgate to the next.

I don’t understand why game designers make ARPGs with infinite items but with only a tiny inventory. Say what you want about the ARPG “Space Siege” but I think that they got it more right than wrong when it came to how they handled the inventory problem.

And that’s all that I have for this month. See you next month.


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