Odds & Ends…

Another month, another lazy post after the break…

Odds & Ends…

It’s the end of another month and I have neglected my blog once more. So, instead of getting a well-written & researched post, here are my semi-organized, somewhat-coherent thoughts on a few topics:

Toenails –

They take a really, really long time to change back to their normal color once you accidentally stub your toe.

Jason Bourne (2016 film) –

I was a bit surprised at how “meh” I reacted to this film. Here’s a tip for screenwriters: People typing away at keyboards and looking at a computer screen is rarely suspenseful. I get it – The I.T. people must’ve enjoyed themselves with all of the hacking pr0n but the story was just very… Bland. I get it; Jason Bourne is a reformed pacifist who only uses violence whenever he has to. He’s like a PG-13 “MacGuyver” except, admit it… “MacGuyver” stopped being fun when he became a reformed pacifist, too. If only the filmmakers could’ve brought back the fun Jason Bourne, the Jason Bourne of the first film. Give credit where credit is due, though: Jason Bourne finally figured out the benefits of wearing a disguise if, by “disguise,” you mean a ball cap. Oh well, maybe by the time that he’s 60, he’ll graduate to a fake mustache, an overcoat and thick-rimmed glasses.

Sacred 2 Gold –

I’ve been playing the game off-and-on for awhile. It’s pretty much a self-aware 3rd-person ARPG with just enough open-world mixed in to give it a different angle. There’s a lot of ARPG tropes that I really don’t like, such as stupid loot drops and restrictions on what your character can use / not use. There’s no accessible modability which also explains why the game only has a small but hardcore following. The self-awareness is cute but a little goes a long way for me; Such writing takes me out of a game, not appreciate it more. The “heavy metal concert” rock scene is amusing but… Very, very bizarre and definitely immersion-breaking. To be fair, the world is HUGE: Nearly one full day of playing time (not one day of playing but, if you add all of the actual playing time together, it would create one full day) in and I might’ve explored 10% of the world at best! Too bad these guys abandoned their spiritual successor game; It might’ve corrected someone of the gameplay decisions that were made here.

Pet Tragedies –

Pets that die really bum you out. I’ve been somewhat depressed for the past month because a family pet passed away a while back. It’s never an easy thing to get over. Smiling isn’t as easy as it used to be and it never gets easier with each hole that you have to unexpectedly dig.

And now that I’ve depressed myself, it’s time to end the post. Bye.

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