Dear Pick-Up Driver…

Please stop emulating your NASCAR idols… After the break…

Dear Pick-Up Driver…

I get it. You’re a rebel. You’re a rebel’s rebel. You walk to your own beat. You play by your own rules. You don’t chew tobacco but, instead, the tobacco meekly asks if it can be chewed by you.

You also nearly got me, the car in front of me and the car that was driving in the other lane killed today.

I’m sure that your black, lowered pick-up truck with custom red lettering does not denote the height of your maturity. Of course it doesn’t and this incident was probably the very first time that you’ve ever recklessly endangered the lives of not just yourself but everyone around you. Right now, you’re probably at home reading your very favorite passages from the Bible, all while the calm, dulcet tones of Fox News personalities drone on in the background.

I really don’t appreciate nearly getting killed today. It doesn’t sit well with me.

Unlike you, I was obeying the traffic laws by not trying to pass people by crossing over a double-yellow line into opposing traffic. Do you recognize those little rectangular signs with the large black numbers? Those are speed limit signs and, by speed limit, that’s not how slow you can go, it’s how fast you’re permitted to go. I know, but those signs shouldn’t be taken as mere suggestions, especially when you’re in a no-passing zone with traffic clearly coming in the other direction.

I can’t imagine why you needed to go around me just to get blocked by a slow-moving truck hauling some logging equipment in a trailer… Going up a hill, no less. I couldn’t see over that hill and I was ahead of you when you decided to perform the incredibly stupid act of passing me… While going up a hill… In a no-passing zone… Without knowing who was coming over that hill. And someone was coming over that hill.

Not all pick-up truck drivers are stupid. I understand that. Not all drivers of black, lowered pick-up trucks are stupid. I also understand that. But you were incredibly stupid and, by sheer luck, managed to get no one killed in your moment of incredible stupidity. Because you missed that oncoming truck by mere seconds. We all saw it and so did you.

Someday, you’re going to get someone killed. Maybe it’ll be you, hopefully it won’t be someone else. Thankfully, today wasn’t that day… As far as know, since I didn’t follow you back to the trailer park that you probably live at. I had other things to do, like drive responsibly to my destination.

Today, though, was almost that day. By mere seconds. And I’m not dramatizing it for effect, either. That was a severe accident that you nearly caused. I’m not laughing about it. No one should.

Tomorrow is another day and, I hope that you drive a lot more responsibly tomorrow than you did today. Otherwise, someone is bound to die because of your reckless driving and that someone might just be you. And that would really put a dent in your lowered, black pick-up truck with custom red lettering.

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