Odds & Ends…

Because I can’t commit towards writing a real blog post… After the break…

Odds & Ends…

There’s going to be a day when I get back to writing for this blog on something more than just a “once-a-month” basis. Until that glorious day arrives, though, we’ll all just have to settle for this…

Borderlands 1 Impressions…

I’ve played Borderlands 1 for a little while now. It’s fundamentally a first-person action/RPG, the same as what Hellgate:London was except cel-shaded and with a different theme. So I have no idea why Borderlands is celebrated throughout the Internet-land and Hellgate:London is relegated to Footnote-ville.

The little robot (“Claptrap”) is a bit too over-the-top for me in the humor department; A little goes a long way but the entire game has a sort of obnoxious and in-your-face feel to it which is probably why the 15-year olds and their mental equivalents love it so much.

The vending machines are a bit unrealistic but maybe that was a constraint to accommodate adorable consoles and their inherent limitations. I’ve never been a fan of “regenerating monsters” bu that’s par for the course when it comes to action/RPGs – You need a constant supply of enemies in order for the “action” in the “action/RPG” to be fulfilled.

I’ve gone a bit farther than the first area (“Fyrestone”) and cheated a little bit because ‘grinding’ is a bit too much for me at this point of my life. I want fun; I want it now; Don’t make me wade through 9,000 enemies before the fun begins. If you’re going to be an action/RPG… Well, for a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, neither will I.

Bill Kochevar…

We live in the Age of Miracles. Seriously.

I know that people with hardcore religious and political viewpoints enjoy screaming that the sky is falling for this reason and for that. Movies aren’t the same as they used to be; Computer games aren’t the same as they used to be; Cars… Music… Everything. Everyone has something to complain about and, thanks to the Internet, they complain about it as loudly and as often as they possibly can. Maybe some of those complaints are legit. A lot of them probably are overblown thanks to everyone screaming and no one listening.

Yet if everyone calmed themselves down for a moment and forgot about their political, religious, financial & artistic biases… We are living in a truly awesome time of our lives at the moment. Bill Kochevar could tell you that. Just the other day, he ate mashed potatoes all by himself.

What’s so great about Bill and his mashed potatoes?

Bill is a quadriplegic; He can’t move any of his limbs below his neck. That’s a bad thing; If you’ve got a choice between being quadriplegic and not quadriplegic, the smart money is on being not quadriplegic. Seriously. It’s that easy a call to make.

So when science hooked him up with diodes and doo-dads to make his arm move with the power of his thoughts… That’s not just science, that’s science-fiction and that’s not just science-fiction, that’s “$6 Million Dollar Man” science fiction. I can remember watching a cheap TV movie from the 70’s-80’s about a man regaining the use of his legs through some science-fiction-y means.

Sure, the technique was an end-around the actual problem: They didn’t make his spine any better, they just ran wires around to circumvent the problem. However, they solved the problem. The man ate mashed potatoes when once he couldn’t because of the whole “arm not being able to move” problem.

I remember when Christopher Reeve became paralyzed. That was a big deal. Anyone becoming paralyzed is a big deal. And any significant progress to unparalyze these people is a good thing. A Very Good Thing. Such progress may not get the same attention as landing on the Moon but it ought to.

We live in the Age of Miracles and, if we just put the bombs, guns & other deadly and harmful weapons down for long enough, we might be able to see that.


Dear People Who Drive Motorized Vehicles,

Stop driving like a f**king moron. Seriously. Everyone has this attitude that it’s OK to go 20 miles an hour (or more) over the speed limit. It’s not.

Not everyone on the road aspires to be a NASCAR driver. Some of us would like to get to work safely and comfortably, not recreate a scene from “Mad Max: The Road Warrior” (or, as the kiddies might relate to, “Mad Max: Fury Road”).

Slow down. You’re the reason why our auto insurance rates spiral upwards with no end in sight.

Turn off the radio or other musical appliance. Stop drinking your caffeinated whatever. Get plenty of rest beforehand and just drive like a normal human being. Everyone will appreciate you more because of it.


I think that I’m done for now.

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