Downloading Hangovers…

If only a digital bulldozer existed… But it doesn’t… After the break…

Downloading Hangovers…

I download stuff too much. There, I wrote it.

I download stuff with the intent to use it… But never do. Or I use it once & then keep the zip or 7zip or RAR or whatever compressed format it came in because… You never know… I might one day just need it.

I’m the little old lady with the refrigerator full of stuff, 80% of which should have been thrown out a year ago.

I’m the guy with the rented storage locker filled with crap that not even the dump would want to take.

I’m the family who once owned a two-car garage that has become an one-car garage because the other side is filled with junk.

And, at some point, you have to come to terms that your downloads folder is an absolute disaster in terms of organization & usefulness.

Or maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re that guy who keeps everything neat & tidy and dumps programs the moment that they aren’t of use or off-loads it onto a portable hard drive never to be seen again. Your life is perfect and wonderful. Sorry for keeping you from your perfect schedule by reading my blog. What exactly, if I may write so, are you doing here if not but to chuckle at us lowly common types?

It is a humbling thing to try to organize your downloads folder. Half the time you don’t even know what you’ve downloaded six months ago. What the heck is “”? Oh, yes, that’s the fan-made level editor for that game where the company went out of business 2 months after the game was released. What the heck is “8bbt-20.exe”? Oh, yes, that’s the freeware chiptune maker that I downloaded over a year ago because the website looked cool and the program looked really easy to use (NOTE: That’s a made-up file name & any relation to any real “8bbt-20.exe” are purely coincidental).

The saddest part is that I never fully organize the downloads folder. I get about 70% of the way through, become absolutely fatigued & then collapse in exhaustion. Even if I do so in steps, or days, or arbitrary amounts.

To be fair, it’s not as though I don’t have any hard drive space left. It’s just that I’m from that very old school way of thinking where I can’t process the world in terabytes. I remember 250 meg programs as being gargantually huge and the very sight of seeing folders with 9 gigs of stuff in them provokes a primordial response that something… anything… is grotesquely wrong with it and it needs to be fixed rightly now and at this very moment.

So, don’t be like me – When you download it, organize it. Pigeonhole it. Put it in it’s place immediately. Otherwise, you will have an absolute mess on your hands in 8-16 months and you won’t know what to do with yourself.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to delete two of the three exact copies of a program that I downloaded within an 18-month span of each other (yes, that happened and admitting it only makes it that much more painful)…

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