Odds & Ends…

Because why have ambition when you can simply slum your way through a blog post?… After the break…

Odds & Ends…

I know that I shouldn’t treat this blog as though it was a seasonal cottage… “Oh, hey, I still have this blog. Neat. Let me see if I can remember the username and password… Wow, I still remembered it. That was neat. And, look, no one vandalized it since I last posted. How nice. Well, since I’m here, I suppose that I should post…”

And, yet, I do.

I know that I shouldn’t. At one point, I posted often enough to have *gasp* regular readers… Who even commented on some of my blog posts… And I even responded to them in a timely fashion! I know! This place looked and felt as though it were a real blog!

Yet the passion to write a full blog post about something just… Escapes me as I get older. Passion is a hard thing to maintain and even harder to maintain it while researching a topic and writing the first draft and then editing and then… It’s just hard.

Therefore, I’ve reverted to these more convenient but “wearing pajamas in Wal-Mart”-styled blog posts where I put a bunch of topics all in one blog post and hope that I don’t truly, horribly, irreversibly offend anyone.

So, without further ado… Let’s begin…

Star Citizen…

I’ve avoided writing anything about this for a long while. I’m not a game designer. Nor a developer. Or a programmer. Yet I know that it doesn’t take $130+ million and 4+ years for seemingly professional game developers to develop a game. As another blog writer used to write, “Something in the milk ain’t clean.” Chris Roberts, before this venture, had a fairly good public reputation when it came to gaming: He’s the one behind the Wing Commander series of computer games. And yet, after scratching the surface of his career, one begins to see the troubling signs: That he became fairly removed from the WC franchise fairly quickly & that he also had difficulty on other projects far before Star Citizen was a glimmer in his eye.

I’ll let others write about the technical aspects. At the end of the day, though, there’s still no game, there’s $130+ million missing from the pockets of gamers and a lot of deadlines that keep consistently getting pushed back.

Miracles do happen but they are the exception and not the rule; That’s why they’re called “miracles.”


Why… Why do I trust eBay? What compels me to think that eBay can ever be trusted? eBay is like Lucy from the Peanuts comic strip who always holds the football for Charlie Brown to kick until the very last moment when Lucy pulls the football back and Charlie Brown lands square on his back.

This is why I never trust large purchases with eBay. Ever.

Whenever I feel an inkling to trust eBay, I should have some guy pop out of nowhere and start screaming, “No, no, no no, no, Mega-no, Ultra-no, Super-no, Mega-ultra-super no! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! No, no, ninny-no no!”


I don’t even want to write this, but… Well… I’ve given up. I… I… I have a steam account now.

I hate this. And I hate lots of things. No more will be said of this. For awhile.

The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election…

I know that going political is always bad news. Always. When I was younger and most dumber, I tried being sharp and edgy on this blog, especially about all things politic. It didn’t work. Those early posts are my proverbial “fat picture” that I carry around in my proverbial wallet whenever I feel compelled to write about politics. It reminds me of where I used to be and why, for but the grace of [fill in your favorite deity here], I don’t do such things anymore. It always feels awkward to follow someone and then realize that their political views are vastly, sharply different from your own.

Yet rules are made to be broken on occasion. So, here it goes…

Dear World… I am so, so very, very sorry. I didn’t do it. I didn’t cause it. I hope that, someday, you forgive us.

There. I will never speak of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election ever again. Ever. Nor respond to anyone commenting about it.

Klondike Bars…

I have no idea what I would do-oo-oo for one of these. Apparently, I’m in the minority because everyone seems to have a price when it comes to humiliating themselves for frozen chocolate with some sort of vanilla filling.

Deadpool (2016 movie)…

Saw it. Cute but overrated. Two action sequences that sandwich a made-for-HBO original movie. A lot of pop culture references and 4th wall breaking hides a very thin plot. This movie cost $60+ million to make? Were the boom mikes made out of platinum?

Batman v. Superman (2016 movie)…

Why all of the hate for this movie? I have no idea. It wasn’t horrible. The Internet is prone to overreact. Enough.

OK… I’m done for now. I should get back to regularly posting, though.


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