I Failed the Monkey Test…

This is why I should be permanently employed by market researchers… After the break…

I Failed the Monkey Test…

There is a saying that if you are “book smart” then you are not “street smart” & if you are “street smart” then you will never be “book smart.”

And, sometimes, a person such as myself can be neither. Quite ashamedly.

We have all had those times where we have aggressively pushed the door marked “pull” or pulled the door marked “push.” It happens and, when it does, you feel like an absolute fool.

And it’s happened again to me.

My parents recently bought a new dishwasher. The old dishwasher had a little latch that you used to open the dishwasher. Push up on the latch; Open the dishwasher, put the dishes in, close the dishwasher. You are done. Congratulate yourself.

The new dishwasher had no latch. I gently tugged on the dishwasher door. Nothing. Humph.

I looked underneath the lip of the dishwasher door to see if the latch was there. No latch.

I looked on the sides of the dishwasher door. No latch. Not even an indentation of a latch.

Do you need to turn it on in order to open the dishwasher? I turned it on. It did not open. I turned it back off.

I searched for the user manual. I was not going to break my parents’ new dishwasher.

Found the user manual. Had no indication of how to open the dishwasher.

Then, a stroke of genius happened.

I pulled on the dishwasher door harder. Sure enough, the dishwasher opened. And that’s how you open the dishwasher for real; You just tug a little hard.

Yup. No Nobel Prize for me this year. Better luck next year.


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