Water Pump…

It Needs To Be Level… After the Break…

Water Pump…

This has nothing to do with gaming. Or movies. At all. Which might make this entire post entirely dull except for people who have central HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning). Yes, this is a problem that doesn’t involve hunger, disease, oppression… Those are very real problems. Let’s take a moment to thank all of the people around the world who make it their mission in life to alleviate those problems to all of the people afflicted with those situations.

Are we done with that? Good.

Suppose that you have central HVAC. Apparently, these things have a water pump attached to them. Why? Because the condensation from the HVAC collects and needs to go somewhere… Such as a small tank, about the size of those DVD cases that contains “50 Sci-Fi Classics” or something like that. A deep DVD case, so to speak. Well, the water pump takes the water that collects in that tank and pumps it out (hence, the name, “water pump”). So, we’ve got the central HVAC doing it’s job, by doing it’s job it creates condensation, the condensation goes into the little water tank and the water pump takes that water and flushes it away from everything in order to make everything happy. Right? Right.

Until it doesn’t.

Here’s the happy household hint for people who have central HVAC: Make sure that the water tank stays level. Yes, the lid to the water tank is screwed on tight but the lid is not sealed because the assumption is that: (A). The water tank stays level & (B). The water pump will flush everything out of the water tank before it overflows.

HOWEVER, if the water tank is not level, here’s what happens: The water begins to spill out of the water tank. Why doesn’t the water pump turn on and stop this from happening? Because the water pump depends on the water tank being level because the little floaty thing (which is just like the little floaty thing in your gas tank that tells you when your vehicle is running low on gas but a lot more primitive) depends on being level in order to work properly. If the water tank isn’t level, stuff spills out and the little floaty thing won’t work properly to tell the water pump, “Hey, turn on so that we can get rid of all of this water!”

So there you have it. Go check that the water tank that collects the condensation created by your central HVAC is level. It’s not solving world hunger but it is one less crisis in the world.


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