Happy Birthday, Quake…

Celebrating a Milestone in Gaming… After the Break…

Happy Birthday, Quake…

No large posts, no grandiose elaborations… Just a quick word to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of Quake 1: Shareware Edition.

Twenty years. Two decades. One-fifth of an entire century.

Personally, I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that it has been twenty years.

Let us not mistake that there are plenty of landmark computer games that are older: The Ultima RPG series, the Sierra graphical adventures, Wolfenstein 3D, MIDI Maze, the LucasArts graphical adventures, Dungeon Keeper, Jumpman… I could list a whole bunch of computer games that, in one form or another, had a real and lasting impact upon both the industry and gamers alike. Those games should continue to deserve our recognition for, without them, we would not be where we are today.

However, this day belongs to “Quake 1”: The first truly-polygon, room-over-room first-person shooter. A game whose engine was then open-sourced and allowed to flourish beyond DOS and Windows 95 to modern-day operating systems and, hopefully, to operating systems of the future.

“Quake 1” is a game-for-life game: There are so many mods, so many levels, so much user-made creations that you may never be able to experience it all.

Other games come and go but “Quake 1” still has a vibrant, active community that continues to devote countless hours and expertise towards it.

So, happy birthday, Quake. Thanks for being there… And thanks to the Quake 1 community for keeping it there. May your birthday cake be as brown as the walls in your levels. And don’t let the zombies go near that birthday cake… Not until they wash their hands, at least (it doesn’t take brains to figure out where those hands have been). And, whatever you do, don’t mistake the spawn as icing, it really upsets them (and, besides, they don’t taste good). If the Shambler wants to light the candles for the cake, it may do so but light the candles first and THEN put the candles on the cake (personally, I’d get the Death Knight to do it instead, but only if you put the candles in an arc). Finally, with all due respect to the ogres, only the knights may cut the cake for obvious reasons.


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