Feed Your Workers…

Because, apparently, these types of posts need to be written… After the break…

Feed Your Workers…

“Don’t write E-Mails when you are angry.” I’ll be the first to admit that it took me a few tries before I learned that lesson.

“Don’t write blog posts when you are angry.” Again, see above… And I still think a few of them tend to slip through from time to time… Including this one.

Suppose that you are working an election. You have been told that lunch and dinner will be provided while you are working that election. You are then informed, at a late time of day, that a separate dinner will not be provided and that the “meal” you were provided with initially serves as both a lunch and a dinner.

No. Just… No.

Feed your workers. Your workers have been awake since some God Awful hour in the morning and will not be in bed until well into the night. Some of these workers are pulling close to a 16-to-18 hour shift depending on what they do. No one is making a ton of dough working an election. Whether it’s a national election or whether your town is merely electing the understudy to the assistant to the adviser to someone not particularly important, the work is pretty much the same: you are still checking people in, answering their questions and making sure that their voting experience is fast, efficient and friendly. That’s still a lot of time on your feet. That’s still a lot of time in a chair. And that’s still a lot of time not doing something that you would normally be doing, such as “whatever it is that you normally do on any other day.” For pennies on the dollar.

Your workers are already tired. They are already stressed. They have already torched an entirely useful day in order to ensure that people who are thoroughly uneducated in the ways of voting still manage to make their votes count.

And now, you are not feeding them.

Bad move and not classy. Not classy at all.

Feed your workers. It’s the least that you can do.


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