The Future Direction of the Blog…

Yes, It’s one of those posts… After the break…

The Future Direction of the Blog…

I’ve tried writing this post in a number of ways: Blunt… Eloquent… Funny… Serious…

None of them worked. So I’ll just write it.

I’m not ending the blog. That would take effort on my part.

But I’m not going to write daily posts anymore. I don’t think I’ll be writing daily posts ever again.

For a few brief months a while back, I attempted to write daily posts. I don’t know why… I guess that I was simply frustrated. I was frustrated that, whenever I started an Internet-related project, I could never maintain that project through until the end. Whenever I started a project that involved more then just myself, I always felt as though I couldn’t complete the project in a manner that respected all of the other parties involved. That realization made me feel horrible and, in response, I had to perform some activity that I could complete on my own, that I could complete all of the way through until the end.

And that was writing daily posts. On my own blog.

And even that fell through.

Initially, I wanted to write daily posts up until the start of the new year (this year). Then, I wanted to see how far I could push it until I felt absolutely, positively spent. I don’t know what I was going to prove but, in hindsight, I feel as though I demonstrated to myself a few facts:

  • Writing daily posts is tough, especially if you want to write daily posts well. In that stretch of daily posts, some were a lot better than others. A few daily posts read as though I was standing at the side of a road, screaming at cars that were passing by.
  • Gaming, at least the modern era of gaming, has passed me by. Completely, thoroughly, utterly. The era of game ownership is dead. Kaput. The intelligentsia has finally figured out how to raise the price of chocolate for everyone and to have everyone march in a parade, cheering about it. I don’t understand it and, at this point, I don’t want to. Ever.
  • The same thing goes with movies. I can’t concentrate on modern movies anymore. They’re non-interactive video games. I don’t want to watch a non-interactive video game. Modern movies have convinced modern audiences that “activity = character arcs” and they don’t. Convoluted plots don’t equal intricate plots, don’t equal good acting, doesn’t equal… A lot of things. And yet, “activity = character arcs” is the new normal. Loud is the new Good. Video game settings are the new scenery.

The new direction of the blog will be fairly simple: Posts whenever I feel like writing them. Posts on freeware games that I can still play. Posts on older movies where the average scene length is measured in units greater than tenths of a second. Posts on puppetry and old pen-and-paper role-playing games that most people have never heard of. Posts on positive news, like medical and technological progress.

So, anyway, there it is. Out with the old, in with the new.

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