Please Don’t Race Them… After the break…


On some days, I can’t find anything to write about until the last moment.

On other days, I have a wealth of topics to write about and wrestle with which one to write about up until the last moment.

A part of me wants to write a somewhat disinterested review of the movie “Godzilla” (2014, not 1954 or 1998). In short… It was OK. Nothing great. Nothing Earth-shattering. It could have done some things better but it wasn’t horrible. I’m not building a shrine dedicated to that movie but I’m also not writing a law making it a crime and a sin to like the movie, either.

A part of me wants to write about the complete idiot that nearly ran into my car today while he was driving through a sharp curve in the road coming from the other direction. Double-yellow lines are not meant to be optional, buddy. I was so afraid that he was going to hit my car that I stopped my car at the edge of the curve and he still nearly hit me. Idiot.

A part of me wants to write about all of the hysteria surrounding a certain overblown sports controversy concerning sporting equipment and what the internal pressure of certain sports equipment was and when it was and who handled what and… You know what? A war wasn’t started, children weren’t abducted and lives weren’t lost. Seriously? A certain part of the world has gone psycho-ballistic over this to the point where even Oliver Stone has to step in and walk people back from the ledge with all of their conspiratorial b***hit.

Today, though, I’m going to write about trains and the celebrity idiot loser who attempted to race one… And lost. Badly.

I know that I should be polite and diplomatic about this. Someone lost their life. Someone lost a friend, a neighbor, a husband, a spouse, a brother, an uncle…

Save it. Just stop.

I know enough not to walk on railroad tracks. I know enough not to stop on railroad tracks while driving in my car. I even go the extra length to stop at railroad tracks while driving and look in both directions even when the gates are up. Why? Because dying via stupidity is low on my list of priorities.

Trains are dangerous. They are not toys. They can not stop on a dime. Is your name “Superman”? No? Then don’t mess around with a moving train, period.

The sheer amount of stupidity that some people exhibit is breath-taking. This particular person did not die because they accidentally stepped onto the tracks or anything like that but willfully, carelessly endangered themselves and everyone on the train by performing some silly stunt that supposedly involved sports drinks and some television show.

I honestly hope that what little I understand of the situation is wrong and that this particular individual was far more level-headed than what initial reports make him out to be. I don’t think so.

If you somehow find yourself on a pair of train tracks, get off of the train tracks immediately.

If you somehow find yourself on a pair of train tracks and a train is oncoming, get off of the train tracks immediately.

Honestly… How much more simpler does that need to be stated?


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