The Y-Files…

Some things need to be left in the past… After the break…

The Y-Files…

I’ll make a confession right now – I never got into the TV series “Lost.” I know that everyone else on the planet seemingly did but it just never caught on with me. I was never intrigued by the story or the little hints that the shows gave out, all of the little minute foreshadowing details, the complex character interactions… None of that stuck to me. I’ve probably watched all of an hour and a half of that show in “here-and-there” brief burst segments and that’s only because I’ve had friends and family who used to watch it.

The reason why I never cottoned to the television show was because I had been inoculated from it by an earlier television show that had performed many of the same storyline tricks… “The X-Files.”

I have a love/hate relationship with “The X-Files” but not for the reasons that you may suspect. For me, “The X-Files” sort of represents a swan song of what I will dub “The Golden Era” of my life when:

  • I was still fairly young.
  • A lot of my friends were still living in the same area.
  • I could go to a computer store and (gasp!) buy a computer game… That didn’t have ‘steam’ or some other destructive DRM attached to it.
  • There were still honest-to-goodness real hobby stores that sold… Sit down for this one… Actual pen-and-paper role-playing games that weren’t limited to Warhammer 40K, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering or that Vampire RPG with all of the goth imagery!

Being completely honest, I’ve never been a hardcore fan of the show or even, for the most part, a fan. The friends that I had at the time were often huge fans but they also believed in such things like MJ-12, the trilateral (or was it “bilateral”) commission, the NSA, “Area 51″… Such beliefs were all rubbish but, in that era, all harmless rubbish. I absorbed more of the story through them then directly from a television screen. The same way that alcohol is a social medium to get people to interact with each other, the same held true with those friends and “The X-Files.”

In my mind, “The X-Files” lasted a few years too long, especially once it turned into a “We have no idea where the plot is going but if we keep asking questions and answering questions with more questions, no one will notice” storyline. Since I hate taking notes while trying to enjoy myself, I allowed my friends to gracefully fill me in on all of the unnecessarily nauseatingly specific details (which, of course, always was going to lead to somewhere… Of course!).

I’ve heard that the show has been attempting to be re-booted for a few years now and, in my opinion, I’m not certain what more it could bring to the television landscape. It’s offspring, “Millennium” never really went anywhere.

In an era where we know now, for certain, that the NSA will spy on you all the way up to and through the limits of the law, where Area 51 has been as debunked as it could get without having guided tours, where the Internet has matured well past being a “geek’s haven”… I just don’t know where a new “X-Files” would fit in. I honestly think that “The X-Files” was the recipient of it’s era – The Internet was still in it’s infancy, computer geeks were still very much regarded as geeks in society (I would know… I was there at the time!), word-of-mouth was still prevalent, Cyberpunk was still “In” because nothing had yet to replace it…

I’m sure a new “X-Files” is possible. Actors will act in anything. Writers will write about anything. If there’s money to be made, producers will produce anything. Directors will direct anything.

What would be the point, though? What new niche would it fill that hasn’t been filled since? I could only imagine that people would be clamoring for guest appearances by the original cast but not many of their characters are alive to appear – The Three Lone Gunmen are all dead (or are they…?), Smoking / Cancer / Whomever man is dead… Skinner would have to be retired by now… Would Doggett & Reyes make an appearance or were they regarded as the “Coy & Vance Duke” brothers of the X-Files once Skulley & Mulder? Will it disregard the comic book “Season 10”?

Nobody knows what the future will hold but, as they said on the show… The Truth is Out There. And eventually, we’ll know, one way or the other.

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