It’s not just a chip-making company, it affects everyone… After the Break…


How many people concentrate on aging gracefully? Be honest… No one really concentrates on age-related ailments until they get older. Knees, hips, shoulders… All of your joints age over time and the “you” at 25 years of age was far healthier than the you of 50 even if you’ve been a good person and has kept in shape. The car, so to speak, is destined to careen off of the cliff but the when and how is left up to each individual person. People naturally shrink in height over time regardless of how much calcium they pump into themselves or how much exercise they perform. As an old saying goes, men either die from prostate cancer, die while they have prostate cancer or die before they get prostate cancer.

Up until a few days ago, I had no idea that there was even a ‘wet’ or ‘dry’ version of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the ailment which attacks eyesight and is a major cause for blindness. I’m no doctor but, from my understanding, AMD is caused because junk collects in your eyes that should be thrown out normally but isn’t. Think of your house or your apartment for a moment – In it, you throw things out. You’ve got a trash can and you throw away your pizza boxes, your chinese food containers, milk jugs, deliver boxes… What have you. You would then take that garbage out to a trash compactor or your outdoor trash can and then a waste management company comes and picks up the trash. Well, with AMD, the waste management company never shows up and you can’t even take the trash out to the compactor or your outdoor garbage can. The junk builds up to the point where the house or the apartment really stinks. The more that your house or apartment stinks, the more “blind” you become.

Scientists knew about the junk building up and that this is what caused AMD. What scientists didn’t know was the ‘how’… How this junk built up and why.

And now we may be one step closer to answering that question.

In all of our eyes, there are a certain number of spheres made up of calcium deposits. These spheres eventually attract junk that would normally be thrown away, like a planet with a strong magnetic pull, pulling little bit of junk towards it.

Is it possible to get rid of the spheres? Is it possible to introduce a compound that nullifies the spheres to not attract the junk?

We can’t expect to live a really long time and not solve a major cause of age-related blindness. For everyone with dreams of living well past their century mark, finding a way to continue to see clearly and reliably needs to be accomplished so that the goal of living longer and healthier can be better realized.

Just as prostate cancer affects a majority or men and breast cancer affects a majority of women, AMD affects everyone after a certain age. I know that we live at a time of national, religious, ethnic and political friction. Certainly, the goal of improving our visual health can cross even these considerable borders, shouldn’t it? What an achievement it would be if we could say, in this lifetime, that we were able to reasonably conquer AMD and allow hundreds of millions of people to see for a longer amount of time and see clearer for a majority of that time.

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