LEGO Snub…

Everything is NOT Awesome… After the Break…

LEGO Snub…

I’ll be blunt – I thought that “The LEGO Movie” was a cute film. It certainly is a modern film; The film is overstuffed with self-referential and self-depreciating jabs at itself and the conventions of genre movies and of the LEGO industry. I’ve written about the fourth wall in cinema lately and “The LEGO Movie” seems content about removing it.

At times, I even thought that the film was too clever for itself by half. You can see the cliches from the proverbial mile away: The inept hero will eventually become a talented expert, the whole “strong girl is secretly insecure and that’s why she portrays herself as so tough” act, the “boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets back girl” act…

I’m not a fan of “The LEGO Movie” but the animation style and certain parts of the movie are first-rate. I almost think that “The LEGO Movie” is like a “The Cabin in the Woods” (or even “Scream 1”) for kids: It smirks at itself, it smirks at the audience and it smirks at it’s smirks and… It gets away with it because we’re too busy enamored at the fact that it’s openly, willfully, mockingly smirking at everything in sight. My most significant concern is that “The LEGO Movie” never generates the genuine emotions needed to tell a competent story as it’s too busy jabbing us in the ribs and winking and nodding at how casual it is that when it finally gets to it’s heartfelt moments… We just don’t care because the entire flavor of the movie up until that point has been about wisecracking LEGO figures and their “Airplane!”-like rapid delivery of it’s comedic material.

There are a lot of people who are miffed that “The LEGO Movie” didn’t get the credit that it deserved by being nominated for “Best Animated Movie.”

However, it is in good company when it comes to being snubbed.

It is said that “The best revenge is to lead a good life.” In “The LEGO Movie”s case, it should stick with it’s plan for a sequel and entertain the audience that it attracts.

I may not have appreciated “The LEGO Movie” as others may have, but I can certainly empathize with the feeling that “their” film didn’t get all of the accolades that it deserved.

Better days are ahead… After all, when all else fails, you can build a spaceship.


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