Divergent (2014 movie)…

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Divergent (2014 movie)…

I tried. I really did.

I tried to watch this movie all of the way through.

I just couldn’t.

I’m sure this movie has it’s fans. If you’re one of those fans, good for you. Enjoy the movie. Have a blast with it. Write all of the fan fiction about it that you want.

I finally called it quits a short while after the people jumped down the huge hole and onto the trampoline. At that point, I knew that this was going to be a difficult picture for me to sit through and I mercifully cut it short.

So, why did I stop this movie?

  • Thinly-veiled Hogwarts. I’m no Harry Potter fan by any stretch of the imagination but even I know about the Hogwarts school and how all of the prospective wizards were divided up into significantly different factions. Therefore, when this movie did nearly theĀ exact same thing… Yeah. I know, Harry Potter didn’t invent it but it did popularize the concept and so anyone else who walks down that particular trail better be able to put their own significant spin on the concept. Divergent didn’t.
  • Typical Teenage Tropes. You’re a teenager. You don’t know where you fit in with society. In “Divergent,” the female lead doesn’t know where she fits in with society. She doesn’t want to make a costly mistake that will haunt her for the rest of her life. Really? Could the story be anymore ham-fisted if it tried? She feels compelled to be with Dauntless (or whatever their name was), those happy and energetic youths who like to climb up the sides of buildings and leap from moving trains and… Guess what? All kids think like that. Watch me put this car onto two wheels. I can take that corner even sharper than you can. I will perform a handstand off of the side of this building. And where is she coming from? A class of citizens who dress all in gray… Because that’s how she feels. Gray. Indifferent. Conflicted. Ugh. Really?
  • The Intro Narration. Nine out of ten times, if your movie has to explain to me through a narrator about the movie… You have failed. There are exceptions to this rule but they are exceptions. Dear screenwriters – Never recite your movie. Ever. Show me the movie, don’t recite it to me. Was there a “Great War”? OK. Fine. The buildings being all damaged was a good start butĀ show it to me. Don’t just tell me. Have a scene where people are picking up debris or there’s a class field trip with a teacher explaining to the students about the Great War. Be creative. If I want to listen to the audiobook version, I will go out and seek it.

I get it – I’m not the demographic for this film. What’s old is new again for a new generation and all of that happy hoopla. And after a little while, it was time for me to end this movie. Like all Young Adult novels, though, this movie is slated to have three sequels all spaced out for the next five or so years for reasons beyond my fathoming. Good for them. As for myself, I am moving on.


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