So Many “New” Browsers… After the break…


It’s embarrassing to admit one’s ignorance but I have long since come to the conclusion that I no longer have my finger on the pulse of the Internet Browser development world. There was a time, of course, when the Internet was fresh (or at least fresher) and new (or at least newer) and I not only knew of the latest developments but eagerly looked forward to them. How could you not? Every year, it seemed as though a new web standard was being approved, a new type of HTML language was being developed…

I went from Mosaic to Netscape to Firefox… And now, quite honestly, I have a potpourri of browsers, all because the Intelligentsia decided that commoners can’t be trusted with turning off javascript. I have Firefox for those times when I need an “official” browser because some websites simply can’t handle the reality that people use more browsers than just Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari & Opera. I have Pale Moon for those times when I need to browse to those few sites where havingĀ  javascript enabled is an absolute, positive must. And then I have SeaMonkey for everything else (my casual non-javascript browsing).

Technically, I could just use SeaMonkey for everything if such a draconian decision (like disabling the ability of your users to easily disable javascript) needed to be made but there’s no point and I still hold out hope that, one day, someone at Mozilla Inc. will wake up and wonder, “Hey, what if we just put in a little box where you can turn javascript on and off whenever you want?” I know that the likelihood of Mozilla coming to their senses is nil to none but since being charitably patient in that regard is hardly taxing, Firefox and Pale Moon can stay on my browser, sitting in their rocking chairs and trading stories as though they are retired moon astronauts.

And now there’s Waterfox.

Until today, I didn’t even know that there was a “Waterfox” web browser.

I haven’t looked at the Waterfox web browser yet but I’m hoping that they’re intelligent enough to have a little option to allow for users to turn javascript on and off. Wouldn’t that be something?

I was glad to live at a time when the Internet was young, fresh and always eager to try out new ideas. I suppose that an older, more mature Internet has brought about some benefits for the average user but the disadvantage is that too many people misappropriate “streamlined” for “dumbed down.” The result has come in the form of browsers that don’t innovate but merely renovate.

Maybe what we need is another Internet to compete against the Internet that we already have… Yes, splintering the Internet is as bad of an idea as “crossing the streams” but the Internet has turned into a monopoly where the last major sea change of browsers (Chrome) occurred because a multi-billion dollar corporation (Google) willed it into being.

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