The Return of King’s Quest?…

And will Anyone Care After All of This Time?… After the Break…

The Return of King’s Quest?…

Let’s be honest – Some of you who are reading this blog post probably weren’t even born when the last “King’s Quest” computer game debuted. To put it in another perspective – There were 8 King’s Quest titles released between 1984 and 1998. There have been no King’s Quest titles released since (1999 to today). That means that there has been a longer stretch of time where there has been no new King’s Quest games than back when the series was in it’s heyday. For old school gamers like myself, that’s a fairly tough statistic to realize.

“King’s Quest,” for those of you who are too lazy to perform a search engine request, was a prominent “side-scrolling” adventure game series that ran from 1984 to 1998. Created by the now “still alive but in name only” Sierra Entertainment, “King’s Quest” often represented the best that computer software technology had to offer. It was one of those games that you showed to your older relatives when you wanted to show off a computer’s graphical and audio capabilities. I can remember the innovations such as a day-and-night cycle that made certain scenes different and the emphasis on “real audio quality” music, including a vocal song track that Sierra wanted you to call radio stations to request.

To list the rise and fall of Ancient Sierra would be beyond the scope of this blog post but one of the factors was that computers were maturing; Adventure games were a byproduct of primitive computers that couldn’t do a lot. With CD-ROMs and first-person polygon playing, the landscape of gaming was changing rapidly and the adventure game genre couldn’t keep up. The action had begun to swing towards video game consoles and the demographic most dominating those consoles were boy, pre-teen boys and teenage boys who cared not one bit about the Kingdom of Daventry or playing a game that didn’t involve shooting, parkour moves or some sort of physical confrontation.

King’s Quest VIII: Mask of Eternity was the last official King’s Quest title. It attempted to be a third-person shooter-adventure but many King’s Quest fans felt as though it was a bridge too far when compared to the earlier games of the series.

And then, the series went silent… But not on purpose.

Slowly, it has been revealed that there have been previous attempts to make a “King’s Quest 9.” Each time, the effort has failed.

But the latest one might just succeed; It has, at least, succeeded in releasing a teaser trailer and a release date.

“King’s Quest: Your Destiny Awaits” is slated to be released in 2015 by a developer called “The Odd Gentlemen.” Having seen the trailer, it is safe to write that fans of the traditional side-scrolling adventures will not be terribly enthusiastic. The lack of involvement by Roberta Williams might also not bode well for traditionalists.

Is “King’s Quest: Your Destiny Awaits” really a canon sequel if the developers are not Sierra and the person in charge is not Roberta Williams? Is it a canon sequel if it fundamentally changes the game genre? At least KQ8, as different as it was, could claim Roberta Williams as a designer. The same can not be mentioned here.

Yes, Activision / The Odd Gentlemen have the intellectual property rights. That means that they can crank out whatever they want, slap a “King’s Quest” title on it and make an official canon “King’s Quest” title. However, it doesn’t make it a “King’s Quest” title in spirit.

At least “The Two Guys from Andromeda” are making a spiritual successor of “Space Quest” that has the “spirit” of Space Quest in it by keeping it within the same genre.

Time will tell if a twitchy King’s Quest is tolerated by the Daventry faithful. My prediction: Expect more torches and pitchforks than rose petals thrown from balconies. Then again, I don’t understand why people pay money for things like “Angry Birds” and “Flappy Bird.”


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