A Whole Lot of Dustin’ Goin’ On…

Sometimes, you just have to dust… After the break…

A Whole Lot of Dustin’ Goin’ On…

I was conducting research for my next batch of posts.

And then, I figured, I would dust my bedroom. I haven’t dusted my bedroom in quite a while. Some people dust their rooms quite regularly. Others probably won’t dust their room until they move or they’ll drop dead and someone else will be forced to clean the room. Maybe the spouse has a more refined sense of cleanliness and dusts for that person.

Regardless, it was high time for me to dust and so I have been dusting. And will continue dusting. There’s a lot of dust. A lot of dust.

But I’m up for the task. I’m committed to eliminating a lot of the dust in this bedroom. I will even move the heavy furniture to get to the dust.

The dust can float, but it can’t hide. Not from me. Not this time.

Anyway, back to the dusting.

So, tell me, when was the last time that you thoroughly dusted your bedroom?


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