Wet Packages…

I Know It’s The Holiday Season, But… After the Break…

Wet Packages…

Dear package delivery people,

I understand that it is the holiday season. A lot of people are currently performing an activity that normally does not occur – They are using your services to send items. As a result, your organizations do not have the capacity to handle all of those packages and deliver them in a timely fashion. I sympathize with your plight.

However, if your package delivery people could be so gracious, please inform them that it is not a good idea to leave packages out in the pouring rain. That is a bad thing. Most packages are not waterproof. Most internal packing does not anticipate a need to be waterproof. Even very firmly packaged items only have a limited amount of time while in pouring rain before the water from that rain soaks through the package and damages the item on the inside. And that damage could be a very, very bad thing. Especially during the holiday season. And especially for items that are not built to be drenched in water which, ironically, is most items not called “soap” or “towels” or “sponges” or “bathing suits” or “snorkels” or things of those type.

No one can control the weather. You can, however, control where you place the packages that you are delivering. Please be diligent and place those packages not on the ground directly but on an elevated surface and under some form of cover.

Yes, you are very, very busy during this time of year. I am sure that there are internal deadlines to meet and, odds are, you have a complete prick for a boss that does not forget that you have those internal deadlines to meet.

You are not, though, too busy to take but a mere moment to notice that it is (A). Pouring rain outside and (B). Delivering packages that are in cardboard boxes and even a complete f**king dolt like yourself can figure out that if you leave that substance called “cardboard” outside in the pouring rain for even a few moments, it will get soaked and, by extension, the object inside the cardboard box will also get soaked.

The only reason why I am not raking my brain trying to figure out a way to punch my fist through the monitor so that it magically finds it’s way through the Information Superhighway to strangle the living f**king s**t out the a**hat who decided to leave a certain package out in the open at my residence a few days ago while it was pouring rain (and, yes, it was pouring rain throughout the entire day so there is no excuse that it was not pouring rain beforehand when said package was delivered) is because I was able to grab those packages through a stroke of coincidence too lengthy to reproduce here before said package could complete it’s inspired rendition of a common sink sponge. The water damage, thankfully, was very minor compared to how thoroughly drenched the package was. Had it been a completely normal and routine day for me, said package would not have been grabbed for several hours later. I don’t even want to think of the damage that would have occurred had the package been out in the pouring rain (yes, pouring rain) for several more hours.

There are those of you who are smart enough to figure this out without someone such as myself typing out a blog post. And then there are others who are not. This blog post are for the others who are not.

Thank you.



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