Knuckle Calendar…

A New Way to Look at the Gregorian Calendar… After the Break…

Knuckle Calendar…

Quick, name all seven dwarves from the Disney animated movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.” Name all of Santa Claus’ reindeer (not including “Rudolph”). All of the signs of the zodiac. All of the planets in the solar system (and, yes, if you want, “Pluto” is still a planet). All of the Space Shuttles (including the ones that are no longer with us). All of the people who have walked on the surface of the Moon (And, yes, we did land on the Moon! I will not even entertain comments to the contrary!).

The world is full of lists. Useless lists, to be fair (unless you are an avid player of trivia games) but lists nonetheless.

One list that I have never been able to remember is how many days a particular month of the year has. I know that February has 28 days but which months have 30 days and which ones have 31? I could never master that one… Until now.

Take your hands and ball them up into fists (you won’t be punching anyone). Put them together so that your left and right index fingers are pressed together. The tops of your two fists pressed together should now resemble something of a mountain range, with your knuckles as the mountains and the crevices between the knuckles acting like valleys.

Starting with your leftmost knuckle on your left hand, label that knuckle “January.” The crevice immediately to it’s right is “February.” The last knuckle on your left hand is, therefore, “July.” You skip the space in between the two hands and the leftmost knuckle on your right hand is “August.” Repeat the pattern until you reach the final month, “December,” which should be the third knuckle on your right hand (you should have a spare knuckle and crevice that are unnamed).

Now, here’s the “wow” moment – All of the months that reside on the knuckles have 31 days. All of the months that reside on the crevices (except for February) have 30 days.

Your mileage (kilometerage?) may vary but, for me, that’s absurdly easy to remember. Why couldn’t I have learned this about 30+ years ago?


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