Giving Thanks…

What I Appreciate In the World of Gaming… After the Break…

Giving Thanks…

We should obviously give thank to a lot of the obvious things: Family, friends, good health, clean environment… All of that stuff.

In addition to giving thanks to the usual suspects, I’m giving thanks to these gaming projects:

  • To “0 A.D.”: You have come an awfully long way since first starting your life as a mere mod. You are fast approaching being your own fully-fledged game. Thanks to all of the selfless contributors to that project. I hope that, by this time next year, you are at a 1.0 release.
  • To “OpenMW”: “Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind” is often regarded as the ‘high-water mark’ when it comes to the hardcore RPG elements for this RPG series. The game, though, is both closed-source and no longer being supported. This project, already playable and having a majority of it’s gameplay elements, is meant to give everyone a chance to have a Morrowind that never breaks when Microsoft issues a new operating system. The team behind this project is awesome and I can’t wait for a 1.0 release so that I may return to Morrowind and walk the island as I first did so many years ago.
  • To “The Dark Mod”: How can I not give thanks to “The Dark Mod”? When the Thief series was at it’s lowest, with the release of the console-infected Thief 3 and no prospects of Thief 1 & 2 ever being playable on modern Windows operating systems, “The Dark Mod” team persevered and created their own stealth game that respected the Thief series, updated the graphics and didn’t require the Thief IP. “The Dark Mod” is a splendid addition and anyone who has ever wondered how they would fare in a first-person stealth game has no excuse: Download this game and play it now! You will thank yourself for making such a good decision.
  • To the Quake 1 Gaming Community: Let me be blunt – You’ve kept a nearly 20-year old game alive all on your own. There are other first-person shooter communities that are vibrant and I will not take away from their accomplishments. However, Quake 1 continues to generate new levels, new monsters, new textures and engines and weapons as though the game was released just a few years ago. There are games that wish to have even 1/100th the fanbase that Quake 1 possesses. For everyone who continues to make levels, monsters, weapons, textures and engines for Quake 1… Thank you.

These are just 4 of the gaming projects that I am giving thanks for. I could write out at least another 10 projects but I want to hear from you – What gaming projects are you thankful for that has given you immense satisfaction when playing them?



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