Project Vaulderie Dead…

Another One Gets “Foxed”… After the break…

Project Vaulderie Dead…

I don’t know all of the details. Odds are, a lot of us never will. What I know is what a lot of other people have already read: That Project Vaulderie, which was attempting to port the 10-year old computer game by the long-defunct game developer Troika, “Vampire – The Masquerade: Bloodlines” (otherwise known by fans as VtM:B) to a modern game engine, has been given the now-all-too-familiar “Cease and Desist” letter by the present rights holder.

We all know the story – The law, as structured, requires companies to defend their intellectual property vigorously or risk losing them in court later on when a malicious party really does attempt to profit from a property that they don’t own.

Is it too early to declare “Project Vaulderie” really, most sincerely, dead? Maybe. However, I haven’t read a case where a company sends out a C&D letter only to say later on, “Whoops! Our bad! Please, proceed, good sirs and madams…”.

To write that this is a setback for VtM:B fans is an understatement. It is not as though the company that currently owns the right is utilizing that particular property to the fullest.

The Internet is rife with projects that end in sorrow and disappointment which makes those few, hugely ambitious projects that succeed all the more special.

For now, it looks as though “Project Vaulderie” will never see the light of day which, is kind of ironic given that it was based on a game about vampires… Maybe I should have written, “It will never see the light of the moon”… But moonlight is really sunlight reflected off of the moon so wouldn’t that kill vampi… Never mind.


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