The Quest for Sleep…

Getting More Slumber Isn’t As Easy As It Used To Be… After the Break…

The Quest for Sleep…

Age has a way of forcing you to be a better person. Either you adopt better habits or you die much sooner than you would prefer (and have poorer health all along the way).

I used to not floss my teeth. Now, I can’t go a day without doing so.

I used to sit at my work desk for hours at a time without taking a break. Now, I stand whenever I possibly can and stretch.

I used to drink soda like it was water. Now, I might have one soda per month… If that.

Alcohol? Sure, I used to drink socially. Now? I can’t even remember the last time I drank.

Fast food? In the old days, at least once a week and sometimes more. Now? Maybe a few times a year and only because it was the sole reasonable option in a particular situation.

In a lot of ways, my habits have improved. I would like to think that my health has, likewise, improved.

Yet there is always one habit that seems hard to shake: Going to sleep later than I should.

You would think that it would be an easy habit to break – There’s the bed. Just go there and start sleeping. However, going to bed ‘early’ carries the psychological penalty of ‘wasting free time.’ It’s my time, darn it! After a lousy day of work, I deserve every spare moment doing whatever else I want to do!

It’s hard to justify getting enough sleep when you can squeeze in one more video game session or work on paperwork or watch the last moments of a show or movie or browse one more website or… write one more blog post… (too easy?)

Sleep is a good thing. Getting enough of it is as important as getting enough food to eat and clean air to breathe. Sleep deprivation is not something to be proud of. Science is beginning to get a clearer picture of the dire consequences of what happens when you don’t get enough of it. Getting enough sleep won’t miraculously cure you of any particular dire ailment but it might just help prevent a lot of them from occurring.

Tired of being tired? That website, novel, TV show, sporting event, webchat, movie can all wait. Go to sleep. It’ll be there tomorrow.


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