Where’s Disc One?

A Question That I Ask All Too Often From Clueless Vendors… After the break…

Where’s Disc One?

Maybe I should title this year’s browsing of garage sales, flea markets and thrift shops as “Where’s Disc One?” as in “OK, I’m seeing discs two and three here but where’s disc one?” It’s a question that, sadly, I’ve asked far too often lately.

Look, let me explain this to you… Games are not like CD or DVD sets. If you’ve got a five CD set of, say, polka music, than each disc is independent from the other. You can put disc four into your CD player and – voila! – You’ve got polka music. Or, if you have a ten-DVD set of old, classic horror movies, you can put in disc seven into your DVD player and – voila! – you’ve got old, classic horror movies.

That’s not how computer games work.

Computer games need ALL of the discs in order for that game to install and run.

Let me repeat that for the retarded.


Most often, disc one is what is called the “play disc.” It is the disc that you need to have in your CD/DVD drive in order to play the game once the game is installed onto your computer.

If you are selling a game that is missing even one of the discs, never mind the first disc, do not expect people to pay full price for the game that you are selling because you are not selling a game… You are selling, essentially, a bunch of stuff. You are selling a box. You are selling a manual. You are selling a CD key and maybe some other useless but interesting memorabilia (like a soundtrack CD or a map that is used in the game). But you are not selling a game.

And as much as the box is pretty and as much as the manual is pristine and as much as you feel that you are an astute salesperson, tradesperson, merchant, haggler or whatever else… You are not going to sell it at the price that you are asking for… Because it is not a game.

Yes, you can be as unethical as you want and keep trying to sell the game as-is to someone else. Sadly, that is an activity that you can do.

But do not expect a majority of people who know what they are shopping for to buy that game, especially at the price that you are selling it for.

Don’t be stupid – Before you sell a game, make certain that you have all of the discs for that game. And, if you don’t have all of the discs for that game and you still wish to sell it… Sell it at a really, really, really cheap price… Because, quite frankly, that is all that it is worth.

Yes, you can force me to ask “Where’s Disc One?” but you can’t force me to pay full price for the rest of a now-broken game.


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