Whatever Happened to… Postworld?

Another “Fallout 3” Never To Be?… After the Break…

Whatever Happened to… Postworld?

A long while back, I had discovered a fan-project to make a Fallout-esque game (presumably emulating the discarded “Fallout 3” concept by Black Isle before Interplay went bankrupt) that would be using the Unity engine. The game was being made by “deVoid Studios” and, at the time, it was still in it’s formative stages with alpha screenshots and a somewhat active developer blog.

Clearly, something went awry somewhere down the line as it has been a few years since that time.

As it turns out, the original developer blog has not been updated since July 2011. In the comments section of the last available blog, there is someone who also wants to use the name “deVoid Studios” as of January 2014.

They then switched to another blog circa September 2011 – January 2012 where they focused on their new project called “DUSK: Rising.” The blog is not focused on either Postworld or DUSK: Rising but on Unity assets which, according to someone on an Unity 3D forum, doesn’t work with current Unity 3D build as of November 2013.

A game developer calling themselves “deVoid Studios” has apparently put out a game called “Double Barrelled: Blake Killem vs. Mars.” Is this the first deVoid Studios or the second one? If I had to take a guess, it’s probably the second one although both studios use Unity so… Maybe… The first one? But if it’s the first one, why abandon the developer blogs?

At any rate, the takeaway is this: Postworld (aka “DUSK: Rising”) looks to be vaporware. Oh well.


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