On the other spectrum of puppetry… After the break…


I get it… There are only two modes to puppetry right now, in the eyes of the puppetry intelligentsia: Raunchy and puritanical. Avenue Q or Sesame Street and ne’er the two shall meet.

As I’ve already stated on this blog, I just don’t understand “raunchy” puppetry. I understand the reasoning behind it – People grew up with the puritanical Sesame Street and, now all mature, they want to revisit their youth but with the gritty raunchiness that they experience now that they’ve traipsed through puberty and splashed into ever mud puddle that they found along the way. Ha ha, Bert and Ernie are actually… Ha ha, Big Bird is really an addict of… Ha ha, Oscar the Grouch really can use that kind of language…

If I lament independent productions such as Space PiRats and Transylvania TV (both defunct based upon my understanding), though, I must at least acknowledge the other side of the spectrum… And on that side of the spectrum is a YouTube series called “Fuzzaboom.”

I’ll be honest – A lot of puppet productions on YouTube look as though it’s a single guy who grabbed a sock puppet and filmed themselves with their camera phone. I don’t even bother mentioning those productions – The lighting is bad… The sound is awful… The background is non-existent or looks like an 11-year old got artsy-craftsy for an afternoon… The props aren’t size-appropriate for the puppet… Sound effects are non-existent or too loud or too soft or inappropriate for the effect…

Which is why I enjoy stumbling across a series such as “Fuzzaboom.” Fuzzaboom is, by no means, the second coming of The Dark Crystal – It sits squarely in the realm of Sesame Street in terms of where it’s target audience lies. Yet it at least tries to act the part – The skits are short, the puppets look appropriate, the skits themselves would be entertaining to little kids and the production values seem genuinely sincere (as opposed to, “Hey! Guess what I found at the flea market for $5 dollars? Let’s make a YouTube video!”).

To be perfectly honest, I don’t intend to watch every single Fuzzaboom segment – I’m not a part of the target audience and it only took viewing a few segments to gauge the overall quality of the production at this stage in it’s development. I’m certain that, over time, an increase in the production values and expertise will allow Fuzzaboom to blossom further. I’ve read that the series is a one-person operation and, if that’s the case, a second puppeteer would probably do wonders in solving some of the minor production snafus that appear to exist.

In a world of raunchy puppets, it’s nice to see the occasional non-raunchy puppetry series that has some good production values. Now if there could be one where the intended audience is beyond the diaper or pull-up phase of defecation, that would be something…


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