A Bit of Future Landed Today… After the Break…


I’ll never see the future that I want to see. I have to accept that. Sure, the Internet is nice and it has matured in ways that I never thought would occur until I was a very, very old person. Bits of technology have progressed quite nicely while others have stagnated in an almost shocking way. Human society lurches forward only to stumble backwards. Sometimes, it even stumbles backwards farther than it lurched forward.

There are wars occurring that shouldn’t be occurring, people dying that shouldn’t be dying, people incarcerated that shouldn’t be incarcerated… At any given moment on our planet, something bad is happening somewhere where it shouldn’t. As you get older, you begin to realize that there is very, very little that you can actually control. Start all of the little cute protests that you want over the environment, over some political cause, over some economic cause, over some injustice big or small… In the end, all that you can really do is affect your own decisions. We’re all, in the end, spectators to the grander events in life.

And one just occurred today.

Space travel is something that, odds are, I won’t see in my lifetime. Not to Mars. Probably not to the Moon again. That’s just how space travel is at the moment; Perilously slow and perilously dangerous. Right now, the world has one lone space station. There’s a rover on the Moon. There’s a few rovers on Mars and a bunch of satellites orbiting around it. Voyager is out beyond our solar system. The remaining space shuttles are in museums, impressing the heck out of a bunch of kids.

NASA smacked a probe into a comet once. That was an achievement and it should be acknowledged as such. Today, though, humanity went farther and landed on a comet.

The future won’t arrive until we build it. That’s just reality.

Today, a bit of the future landed on a comet.

I won’t see the day when mining corporations are landing stuff onto comets all of the time, as common as a car driving through an intersection.

At least I lived long enough to see the very beginnings of that future, though.


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