Rebound Games…

Sort of like girlfriends (or boyfriends)… After the break…

Rebound Games…

I haven’t installed a single new game since “Dungeon Siege II.” I’ve been meaning to install a new game but… There’s always that phase of uneasy compromise when contemplating installing a new game. Installing a game takes so much time… Then you have to patch the game up to the latest patch (if it even installs, of course)… And who knows if you’re going to enjoy it? How many playthroughs until you become proficient at it? If it’s a harder game (such as a turn-based or real-time strategy), how much time will it take before you get comfortable with it?

Just as when you break up with someone, you tend to fall back onto a more reliable (but less adventurous) option. In this case, I’ve kind of gravitated back to Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion & Fallout 3 for a while. Knowing that I’ll probably never get the chance to play the later Elder Scrolls / Fallout games (although I have come to understand that Skyrim makes Oblivion resemble Wizardry 8 by comparison and that Fallout New Vegas is essentially a large Fallout 3 mod), it’s looking as though these two games are going to be my stalwarts until OpenMW matures and flourishes (and, BTW, anyone who hasn’t been following that project… Yeah, it’s getting close to a 1.0 release… Happier days are ahead).

Those two games aren’t the only ones: I’ve got Civilization 4 at the ready whenever I want to waste a few hours (yes, hours), the Dark Mod on those occasions where I want to revisit the world of Thief (and you can too, now, it’s completely free and standalone… What are you waiting for?) and, of course… Quake 1. Just because.

So, out of curiosity, what are your rebound games?


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