Dungeon Siege II… Gone!

Another Action/RPG bites the dust… After the Break…

Dungeon Siege II… Gone!

I tried. I tried to play “Dungeon Siege II” and, for a brief while, I thought that I would succeed in enjoying it.

Not so.

In the end, I have to conclude that Action-RPGs just aren’t my “thing.” I’m not into them.

Action-RPGs rely upon people who are hoarders. Real-life “I’ve kept the last 50 years worth of daily newspapers and they are all in my house from floor to ceiling” hoarders. Those are the only people whom I can imagine would enjoy an action-RPG because the only activity that you ultimately perform is collecting things… And those things are either weapons, armor, or things that make weapons or armor better.

When you reduce the game play down, Action-RPGs are just vessels for collecting things. In the case of Action-RPGs, you are collecting things through violence. So, you must maximize your violence in order to collect things. The better that you are in violence, the more things that you can collect and, ultimately, the better the items are that you will collect.

Let me be polite for a moment. I enjoyed the tree city in the beginning. I thought that the tree city was a bit innovative. Using the little rope sleds to move from section to section seemed nice but there just wasn’t any… There wasn’t any real progress in the game.

Here’s an example: One of your first tasks is to destroy four towers that have been built by the bad guy. OK, you destroy the four towers and… That’s it. There’s no consequence. The people in the tree city aren’t gasping sighs of relief or otherwise acknowledging that you’ve just done them “a solid” (see, I can relate to the kiddies). This is a problem that I have had with all of the action-RPGs that I have played… There’s never any real progress. In Titan Quest, the same darn city is smouldering regardless of how many times I killed those satyr villains. The city was never re-built. The citizens never acknowledged your progress.

A lot of the quests were “Go there, kill that” quests. Or “go there, kill that so that you can get this” quest. The quests were, predictably, very combat-oriented.

I’m not even certain how I would design an Action-RPG that I would ultimately enjoy because the very definition of action-RPG is to reduce the RP of the RPG down to “combat statistics.” An action-RPG is the adult movie equivalent of a real movie… Just barely enough cohesion to call it a movie but with every possible moment filled to the brim with something other than movie.

On one level, I’m deeply disappointed but, on the other hand, I should have seen this coming. Action-RPGs go sour on me very quickly.

I might try this game later on but, honestly, I don’t know.

On to the next game.


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