Trying Out New Things…

Fortunes Favor the Bold… And so do Fractures and Failures… After the Break…

Trying Out New Things…

It is hard to believe that, at one time, I was on the bleeding edge of the Internet. I trolled the W3C website looking for any hint of a new HTML language. I was “there” for when SVG was still a subculture. I was reading about XML when a lot of web-savvy guys were like, “XML? What was that?” CSS? Yup… That was me near the front of the line. VRML… 3DML… The early days of the internet was jam-packed full of fun and half of that fun was just trying to find the stuff, never mind learning it and attempting to use it for something.

So how did I go from that to, “Steam? Bah! For kids! Who needs this ‘Chrome’ when Firefox will do?! Hey… Where’d my button go to turn javascript on and off?! Get your hands off of my ‘Blink’ tag!! You kids get off of my browser!!!!”

I may not know the full answer but I think that I know part of it.

The Internet used to be ‘free.’ No one was trying to monetize CSS or SVG or VRML. A part of the Internet still is free but the money people have since moved in. Facebook revolutionized the “Free*” business model (the asterisk being the bit where your data is sold to the highest bidder). “Steam” grabbed PC gaming and ripped it from the stores for itself. Chrome is merely the new Internet Explorer – A free browser sponsored by a mega-corporation for ulterior motives.

One of the big money moves was on what people browsed the Internet on, rather than the Internet itself. We’ve gone from desktops to laptops to palmtops to netbooks to smartphones to tablets.

And everyone wants your E-Mail address. And everyone wants you to register your software. And everyone wants you to enter their contest through your Facebook account. Or Twitter feed.

Trying out new things now costs you money or ‘money*,’ as the case may be. You didn’t need to give up your full name and E-Mail address to try your hand at coding CSS.

Yet, sometimes, you have to splurge just a tiny bit in order to perform some perceived good.

I’ve grown rusty at trying my hand at new technology… But I still have to try.


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