Horizons 2.0…

If we can dream it, we can do it (again)… After the Break…

Horizons 2.0…

I know that you are not supposed to “wish,” that such a high amount of desire, regardless of the intent, is bad for you. Such a high level of desire distracts you from the world that is rather than paying attention to the world that never will be. It is prudent to pay attention to the ugly girl who likes you than to keep pining for the centerfold pin-up who couldn’t pick you out of a line-up if her life depended on it. Excessive dreaming, in essence, is as bad as not dreaming at all or hardly having any aspirations.

In the case of “Epcot,” that theme park in Florida that used to be called “EPCOT Center,” I wish that I could return to an age before the leave-a-legacy mausoleum, the awning, the kiosks, the abhorrent color updates, the invasion of the Pixar and Disney characters, the invasion of the ‘faster’ rides, the invasion of the B-string celebrities in the pavilions…

Clearly, Disney is not listening. The trend is for more Disney characters, more kiosks, more brash colors and more… More of the things that scrubs any amount of “EPCOT” out of “EPCOT Center” and replaces it with “Epcot.” The gulf between fan desire and executive decision could not be greater. A part of me, quite honestly, has abandoned any serious hope of EPCOT returning to form before my lifetime.

Yet the desire for EPCOT Center to be the ambassador for the 21st century (and, by extension, the 22nd) from fans continues to be strong.

There is already one known project, “Horizons: Resurrected,” which has shown great progress. It is an Unity-based browser program that attempts to recreate the Horizons pavilion from the Future World part of EPCOT Center. While the project hasn’t been updated since May 2014, it still has a considerable following.

And now there is a second project.

“Horizons 2.0” is a blog created by “Harry Gordon,” attempting to design a hypothetical sequel to the Horizon’s pavilion. While it is not Unity-based and not something that a person can witness in 3D first-person mode, all projects must start somewhere and, already, there have been some 3D pictures of the hypothetical pavilion.

I am ashamed to admit my inability to contribute to such endeavors. My ability to draw or paint is abysmal. My inability to create levels or rooms in 3D games despite the most user-friendly editors is horrifying.

Despite my failings in being able to creatively participate, I strongly support such endeavors by fans to continue to pursue the original vision of EPCOT Center. “Epcot” is in an unfortunate state of creative disrepair: “The Seas” has become nothing more than an ad-hoc advertisement for “Finding Nemo,” “The Land” is that pavilion with the ‘park bench ride,’ “Journey Into Imagination” is still operating because no one seems to have either the heart or dignity to put it out of it’s misery, “Test Track” is a watered down roller coaster ride, “Mission: Space” is a centrifuge ride that kills people and “Universe of Energy” has Ellen Degeneres talking into a cellphone that is large enough to kill someone with. “Wonders of Life” has closed down to feature corporate events.

If you are a fan of Classic EPCOT Center, the creative darkness that has swept over the theme park has been long, bleak and unlikely to end anytime soon.

“Horizons 2.0” attempts to be yet another bright port in a sea of darkness that started with Disney CEO Eisner, continued with CEO Iger and will likely continue to prosper with whomever takes over as the next CEO.

If we can dream it, we can do it… It’s a nice slogan but, at this point, how much dreaming is it going to take to stop the erosion?


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