Cleaning Out the Hard Drive…

Old Habits Die Hard, Even With Disk Usage… After the Break…

Cleaning Out the Hard Drive…

I can remember when hard drives were measured in megabytes, not gigabytes or even (nowadays) terabytes. I can even remember when most people didn’t even have hard drives at all. The first hard drive I ever used was 20 megs and it wasn’t even mine.

Space was at a premium. You had to use both sides of the floppy disk.

It is hard to conceptualize that we have the opportunity to walk past a 3-terabyte external hard drive at the store without a crowd gawking at it in amazement. 3-terabyte hard drives are just a “thing.” It’s ordinary. Wow.

A lot of kids these days demonstrate an almost shocking lack of awareness of how much disk space they use. Such a metric is of little importance to them. I’ve seen such indifference right before my very eyes. An entire generation has grown up where hard disk space is always there and it will always be enough. There are no sacrifices to be made. No hard choices to ponder.

I’ve spent an hour or so cleaning out old files from my hard drive. Items that I’ve accumulated over the recent months (and, in some cases, years) that I’ve grown out of, have no idea why I downloaded it in the first place or evaluated and found that it no longer has a place on the hard drive. Some files were large; Others were quite small.

I know that, ultimately, conserving hard drive space is like a waistline – Over time, no matter how hard you endeavor, you just keep using more of it. The operating system keeps updating, which uses more space. Patches onto computer games keep using more space.

It may be a losing battle but it is still a battle that needs to be fought… At least, for some of us. The ones who remember when programs were measured in kilobytes.


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