Dungeon Siege II, More Thoughts…

It still feels as though I’m playing a game from 2002… After the break…

Dungeon Siege II, More Thoughts…

I don’t hate Dungeon Siege II. In fact, I’m still rather enjoying it but there are some quirks about the game that I just find a bit odd…

  • Paying for party members. There’s a rather forced mechanic where I have to pay an innkeeper 500 gold before I can add a third party member. I just don’t understand that. Why not have it be, say, reputation based (“Hey, I’d join you but you haven’t accomplished anything yet”) rather than some arbitrary gold price? It just feels very, very forced. Bah.
  • The bane of regenerating enemies. I can’t wait for some smart-aleck game developer to just make the ultimate sarcastic Action/RPG. I can see it now – It’ll just be one big room filled with enemies and also having many doors. You go through one door and you come back into the exact same room and it has been restocked with enemies. I just don’t understand this game play mechanic of Action/RPGs. You can never get a sense of accomplishment or progress because you are always having to reclaim the exact same territory as before.
  • Please tell me that there’s a graphics mod out there. I hate to come across as a graphics snob because, for the most part, I am not. However, I am somewhat taken aback by how lackluster the graphics are for this game. This is a game that came out in 2005 from an AAA-level game developer and published by Microsoft. Doom 3 debuted the year before this game. Titan Quest debuted the year after. I’m not asking for perfection, I’m just asking for textures and polygon models that don’t take me back to the sweet, nostalgic era of the late 1990s.

So far, I still have desire to play the game but there is no burning desire to continue with it. The gold standard for “burning desire” would be something to the effect of a “Half-Life 1” or a “Civilization 4” or even a “Spaceward Ho!” Being an Action/RPG, I’m waiting for the inevitable “loot grinding” exhaustion to kick in followed by a squeeze for storage space. Those feelings will probably occur within the next couple of days.


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