Dungeon Siege II (2005 game) initial impressions…

It Hasn’t Aged Well… After the Break…

Dungeon Siege II (2005 game) initial impressions…

I’m too tired to write a deep and comprehensive article. Here are my quick thoughts after initially playing Dungeon Siege II:

  • Is this a game from 2005? The textures and graphics are… A bit dated even for the standards of 2005. Am I doing something wrong?
  • A lot meatier than your typical Action/RPG. I’m not convinced that this a full-blown RPG as it still has some of the characteristics of an Action/RPG but, for an action/RPG, it seems to have a bit more heft in the RPG field than your typical Action/RPG. The dialog options boost the RPG-ness over Titan Quest and Torchlight I. It’s still too early to see if there’s “loot grinding,” where enemies drop an insanely diverse amount of loot and than it is up to you to weed out the 99% of loot you need to sell and the 1% you should keep.

That’s it for now. Another quick hit: I don’t think that the game saves exactly where you want it to but I haven’t played the game enough to figure that out.

Also, why do games hate “jacks-of-all-trades”? I like having a nice well-rounded character. Why do game designers always push you to have a super-specialized character?

At any rate, the large noticeable aspect of the game were the dated graphics and textures. Wow. One caveat is that I think there are “far away” textures and “close-up” textures so that may explain the incredibly washed-out textures sometimes.


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