Blade Yautja (2014 Doom 3 mod)…

I’m Waiting for Someone to Make a Jason Voorhees mod next… After the Break…

Blade Yautja (2014 Doom 3 mod)…

I’ll never understand how characters that are meant to be evil are somehow retconned by fanbois to be “cool” and “bada$$.” Take, for instance, the Sith from the Star Wars universe (For those who insist upon living under a rock, they are science-fiction sword-wielding magicians who use their magical powers for their own selfish ends as opposed to the more peaceful “Jedi” magicians who use their magical power to help others). I can remember when the Sith were just evil. Not “misunderstood” evil, but just evil. Bad evil. “I don’t want to grow up to be them” evil.

Not anymore.

Now the Sith are just misunderstood. Sure, some of them might be evil but they’re not “evil evil.” They’re fiery. They’re edgy. They’re passionate… I can just see some woman on the Jerry Springer show profess, “You don’t know the Sith like I know them!”

Or what about the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz? She was once evil, wasn’t she? Green face… Always trying to “get you, my pretty”… Had that army of flying monkeys… That’s fairly irredeemably evil, right? Nope. Not according to the Broadway hit, “Wicked.” See, because she opposes the Emperor’s regime she’s outcast from society and… And… She’s misunderstood, too. She’s not evil, she’s just fiery and determined and…

And then there are the Predators from the movie franchise “Predator.” Originally, they were invisible humanoid Rastafarian space alien hunters who killed humans because… Why not? We were “Bambi” and they were the hunters drinking beer and sitting around the campfire comparing their wives. I mean, in “Predator,” the Predator is an outright villain – He’s killing the good guys! And yet, in only a few movies, these guys aren’t villains – They’re Klingons with weird, fang-like mouths. They have a code of honor (so much honor, of course, that they kill technologically-inferior humans, of course). They have strictly controlled clans. They have helped humans advance their civilizations all throughout the centuries (Yes, that’s right… “Ancient Aliens”).

What next? Jason Voorhees is just trying to control population levels by “thinking globally, acting locally” (as in, Crystal Lake?).

“Blade Yautja” is a 2014 total conversion mod for the “Doom 3” game. It is slated to eventually become a stand-alone game since the engine that Doom 3 was built on has since become open-source and available for anyone to modify.

At over 1 Gig to download, I have not partaken the pleasure of downloading and playing the game but, by all looks, the game certainly seems impressive. The game involves you playing as a Predator (“Yautja” in Predator mythology) and from preview videos, you get to go to some iconic places from the film history of the Predators (such as the abandoned arctic base in “Alien versus Predator”) and, naturally, use the iconic weaponry of the Predators (wrist blades, plasma cannon and a historically ugly mug… Which, by the way, I’ve always wondered… What do the female version of the species look like? I mean, the Predators (sorry, “Yautjas”) have always been male but… Aren’t there females of the species? And, if there are female of the species, then how do the two genders kiss with that whole flexing mandible thingy for their mouths (and don’t respond “very carefully,” either)? I mean, it must be painful. And those dentist bills… If they even have dentists, of course. They’re so masculine and manly, this species of oh-so-honorable space hunters that I’m sure they pry their own teeth out just for fun? And can you imagine what the cover of a typical “PlayYautja” magazine looks like? Anyway…)

Unlike The Dark Mod, this production looks like a one-person operation (“bladeghost,” specifically) and, if that is the case, all the more power to that individual for making such a comprehensive effort.

I sincerely hope that this person continues their work on this project and that others join that person in an effort to make this the best “non-Predator Predator” experience out there. Personally, I’ve never understood the appeal of desiring to play as a Yautja but, apparently, they’ve been retconned into “good-bad-good guys.”


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