Don’t Do It…

Time to Get Serious For a Moment… After the Break…

Don’t Do It…

I was all set to write a post about a game that became popular during the earlier era of the Internet. I’ll probably still write that post tomorrow (unless something else catches my eye).

Unfortunately, reality has decided to intervene and not in the kindest of ways.

Over the years, this blog has changed. It started out with snarky and harsh opinions. It’s always had somewhat of a gamer / movie-centric slant to it. The “let’s write everything in lower-case letters” trend was discontinued because, quite frankly, that wasn’t my style; It was the style that I thought everyone would appreciate and be popular. I changed to a more level-headed and diplomatic style. Sure, I still go on rants (see: squirrels and their ability to cross roads) but I attempt to still be a bit measured on them. I’ve had impulses to delete my older posts but I keep them up as a “fat ‘before’ picture in my wallet” to remind me of where I’ve been and why I really should attempt to never go back there.

My intent with my blog is to at least be a bit light-hearted. Writing about PC computer games and movies and other Internet-related items isn’t exactly controversial. There have been times when I have written posts daily and others when it’s been a month since my last post. I don’t pretend that my opinions, my rants and my reviews will have much impact on people. They read them, maybe they smirk a little, maybe they scowl a little and then proceed back to that other website that most satisfies their pr0n fetish of theirs. There are enough “serious-as-cancer” blogs and websites and message boards out there as it is; Piling on with them isn’t going to make a huge splash.

Yet there are times when I have to break the so-called “fourth wall” and just tell it like it is, warts and all.

Don’t commit suicide. Don’t commit suicide intentionally. Don’t do something that has a high percentage of you not waking up tomorrow morning alive (such as a skateboarding stunt, partaking in illegal narcotics, imitating your favorite NASCAR driver on a back dirt road while drunk out of your mind, etc.).

If you’ve got problems in your life, there are many organizations out there who are willing to help you… Right now. As I type. That’s why they are there: To help you become a better ‘you.’ There’s nothing embarrassing about getting that help. There’s nothing embarrassing about getting help with fixing your car, helping you understand a computer program better, putting up a shed, putting together a barbeque, mowing the lawn, planting a garden, taking out a home mortgage… In so many areas of life, there is no stigma with seeking out help. Can I build a computer network? No. I’d need some serious help with that. Can I draw up blueprints for your next house? I could but you probably wouldn’t feel safe living in it. I’d need some serious help with that, too.

The people reading this know whether or not their problems “cross the line” when it comes to their personal mortality. They know. The problem is getting them to seek the assistance they need to put them in a better direction to live longer and live happier.

Stop doing the things that could potentially kill you. Get help so that you can live longer and live happier. Everyone, including you, will be better off because of it.

End of preaching. I’ll go back to writing about computer games and other fluffy stuff tomorrow.


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