Instinct (PC Game)…

Starforce… Why did it have to be Starforce… After the break…

Instinct (PC Game)…

I have the game “Instinct.” It’s a first-person shooter game. Unfortunately, I’ve never played it and, in all honesty, I probably will never play it.

Unfortunately, “Instinct” is protected by Starforce and if you’ve never heard of Starforce before, it was the closest thing that PC gamers had to a villain who wore a black top hat and twirled their handlebar mustache as they tied some dame onto a set of railroad tracks before the age of Internet-based copy protection emerged.

The problem is that older versions of Starforce can’t work on Windows operating systems starting with Windows 7. If that’s the case, than you are S.O.L. (and that doesn’t stand for “Satellite of Love”).

Copy protection give PC gamers a world of bad choices:

  • Do you pirate the game outright so that you can play it in peace but break the law in doing so?
  • Do you buy it legitimately and hope that the copy protection doesn’t shatter your CD/DVD drive or melt your computer (don’t laugh as it’s been known to do both in some cases)?
  • Do you use a “Cracked EXE” with your legitimate copy and hope that you just didn’t download a virus that will use your computer to mine bitcoins when you’re not looking (and that’s if you’re lucky)?

I’ve read online that “Instinct” is not the world’s greatest game but, than again, I’m a guy who secretly wishes that someone re-makes “Total Annihilation: Kingdoms” (or just releases the source code) so that everyone can experience the glory and power of that grotesquely underrated game now that all of the “Ahhh! Chris Taylor didn’t design it!! Kill it! Kill it with fire!! KILL IT WITH FIRE NOW!!!” hysteria that greeted the title has died down (and yes, I remember that happening on the Interwebs as I was there as it happened).

Old PC games may be many things but at least they didn’t come wrapped up in deadly, destructive DRM that aged faster than the game itself.

Bah humbug.


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