Before I Forget…

Before I Forget… Another Flea Market Haul… after the break…

Before I Forget…

I’ve been meaning to write this entry since this past Sunday. As usual, “I’ll get to it tomorrow” was the excuse of choice as to why it hasn’t been written since now.

So, without further ado, here’s the latest Flea Market Haul…

JEDI KNIGHT: DARK FORCES II (PAPER SLEEVE W/ MANUAL) – $3.50: “Paper Sleeve” is deceiving… More like “Plastic sleeve w/ felt backing” but you get the point. JK is a great legacy game, back when LucasArts was still LucasArts and gave a darn about their games before the bottom fell out, George Lucas stopped understanding that you couldn’t change game designs in mid-stream and then everything was sold to Disney who scrapped a lot of what was in development anyway. I’ve already got the game and now I have a playing copy. $3.50 was a little pricey for just the game and manual (no box, not even the original jewel case) but this purchase pretty much closes the book on my JK needs for a very long while.

INSTINCT (SMALL BOX) – $5.00: Probably the biggest purchase risk of the group. There was no manual and no CD Key. I’ve read some accounts saying that you need a CD Key and others that say that you don’t. I’ve read that the game is protected by Starforce and won’t even work on a Win7 system. Above all else, I’ve read that reviews for this first-person shooter (which is apparently likened to an Eastern European equivalent to “Half Life 1/2”) aren’t too favorable. I never have a lot of confidence in reviews (I like Total Annihilation: Kingdoms, remember?) and, at the very least, this isn’t a WWII title.

TOMB RAIDER: UNDERWORLD (SLIM DVD CASE) – $3.00: I have no real affection for the Tomb Raider series. The series became popular because of the size of the main character’s breasts. I’ve read on line that some fans of the franchise like this particular title while others don’t. As with all older PC game purchases, you slightly suck in your breath at whether or not the game will work on your system or not. It was cheap, the DVD case looked good, the DVD looked good and the manual came with the game. There was no CD Key that I could see but, with everything seemingly here and none present, I’m guessing that I’m safe without one.

AREA 51 (SMALL BOX) – $4.00: A first-person shooter in the sci-fi genre. That’s pretty much all that I really need. The fact that it went for fairly cheap given that it had the box, the manual & the CDs looked good was all the better. There were no CD keys in either the manual or on the back of the paper sleeves that held the CDs but I took the risk anyway. I never understood why games advertised celebrity voices… The addition of celebrity voices has never influenced me a lot in game purchases but to each their own.

EARTH 2160 (LARGE DVD CASE) – $2.50: Talk about a bargain… I’m pretty certain that I’ve got Earth 2140 somewhere (as well as Earth 2150 and it’s expansions) and I can’t even remember the last time that I played those other games. A sci-fi real-time strategy that has all of the items (manual, map, CD Key, etc.). I’m not too keen on Internet Activation (really?) but a $2.50 price tag makes this a throwaway title if the dreaded DRM doesn’t operate according to plan.

TORTUGA: TWO TREASURES (THICK SMALL BOX) – $2.00: A pirate-themed game that was incredibly cheap. I’m not sure why it’s in a thick but small cardboard box as I only have a manual and the CDs for it inside; Was there supposed to be a map or something in there as well? At any rate, everything looked fairly good and at that price, it can be a throwaway title if it isn’t.

TWO WORLDS 1 (LARGE DVD CASE) – $4.50: A first/third-person RPG in the vein of Gothic & the Elder Scrolls series. I’m no fan of Internet activation but it worked fairly well (pro-tip: Set the game to run on Windows XP emulation and allow administrator mode). I’ll write a lot more about this later but, for now, it’s an OK game but I can see why Elder Scrolls gets all of the attention while this series decidedly hasn’t.

Phew. That’s a lot of typing in one sitting. If there are more flea market hauls like that, I’m going to need a part-time job… And I’ll enjoy every minute looking for one if that’s the case.


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