Flea Market Haul…

Flea Market Haul… after the break…

Flea Market Haul…


There’s a certain irony about the summer season in relation to flea markets: The weather is finally perfect (not too cold, not blustery, not too rainy) for a flea market but, because the weather is perfect, everyone is involved in activities other then the flea market. Vendors are away on vacation and so are the shoppers. If they aren’t on vacation, perhaps people who are on vacation are visiting them. Maybe they’re taking the time off to tend to their gardens… To listen to a concert… To practice their needlepoint…

When the flea market started this year, you needed a heavy winter jacket, gloves and a winter hat to walk around at 8 AM. Now, all you need for clothes is a T-shirt and shorts (and undergarments, of course!). And vendors. With another thin week for vendors this week, it was anyone’s guess if there would be a deal or two. At the very least, I wasn’t working the flea market…




TITAN QUEST: IMMORTAL THRONE (DVD Case / cardboard slipcase) – $10.00: I’ve previewed this thing here before… $10 dollars is steep for an expansion pack. The only people willing to part with $10 dollars for that expansion pack are people who already have it. I didn’t even bother talking to the vendor about it. Either a sucker will buy it or it’ll eventually come down in price.

FABLE: THE LOST CHAPTERS (Small box) – UNKNOWN: I already have the title. The title was buried, though, in a bunch of other things that the vendor had to offer. Given how little respect the vendor had for the game, I’m guessing that the game would have been cheap but, still, I had no passion to purchase it.


Kids games… The Sims… Some World of Warcraft junk… The joystick that comes with Mechwarrior 3 made a comeback this week… the vendor who I bought a lot of titles from a few weeks back (no new stock from him) finally sold the Alpha Centauri box (that was without the game) for 15 dollars(!). I asked the vendor if the buyer knew that there was no game in the box. He shrugged.


Feast or famine… Such is the life of a PC gamer who doesn’t pray at the Altar of Steam. At some point, summer will grow long in the tooth into the “cold in the morning” phase and then, perhaps, the vendors will be back for one last surge before the end of the season. Maybe.

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