Flea Market Haul…

Flea Market Haul… after the break…

Flea Market Haul…

No intro this week. No formal entry this week, either.

I unexpectedly had to work again helping a booth out at the flea market. As a result, I am very tired and not quite enthusiastic in giving an usual full report. However, let me attempt to, at least, somewhat accurately describe the week.


One game. It was a WWII title (I know… What? “You never buy WWII titles!”) that I’ve forgotten about but it was a strategy game and focused on it’s modability. Therefore, I bought it. It was fairly modern and also fairly cheap ($2 dollars). Cheap, moddable and modern. Even as a WWII genre, that passed for me.


Rome: Total War (Small Box) – Unknown: I already have this title. It was nice to see another one floating around, though.

Diablo III Collector’s Edition Soundtrack (Cardboard Jewel Case) – Unknown (although likely $5+ dollars): There was a vendor there that enjoyed pricing his games from $8 – $10 dollars each. Each of the boxes had different prices on it and, quite frankly, it looked as though he hadn’t taken the games out of the boxes that they were sold in at a prior flea market / tag sale / auction / what-have-you. I have a soft spot for dedicated game soundtracks (I can remember how under-respected they once were ‘back in the day’) but since Diablo III is a game that I will likely never play thanks to Draconian DRM, the thought of buying this game soundtrack was fairly slim. I’m guessing that the vendor didn’t even know that it was a soundtrack and that it was stuck in with some rather pedestrian kids’ games because, you know, “it looks like some sort of game.”


The vendor with the PC large boxes was there again this week but with no new merchandise and it looks like he’s stuck now with just the modern military titles. The vendor from a year or so back that I had gotten the “Aliens vs. Predator 2 Gold Edition” from made a return visit (he was there last week, if I remember correctly). I don’t think he even recognized me, which is just as well as he didn’t have any PC games on display. The vendor that made me wait 2+ hours a few weeks back was there but he didn’t have anything new to offer in the range of PC games that he didn’t have in prior weeks. The $17 dollar Star Wars: Empire at War was still there (Ha!).


Had I not had to work the flea market for these two weeks, my assessment would be that these were rather lean weeks in terms of the number of vendors. This development is in spite of the fact that it was fairly decent had it not been for some rather intimidating humidity. This is the second summer in a row where there has been a significant lull in the flea market. At any rate, working the flea market is exhausting and definitely takes you out of your buying rhythm, not akin to working at a doughnut shop makes you lose your appetite for doughnuts.

All that anyone can do is wait for next week and, in the meanwhile, make it productive week.

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