Flea Market Haul…

Flea Market Haul… after the break…

Flea Market Haul…


Another sunny day, a little cool in the morning but that always burns off. No chance of rain. Usually, that’s a good sign but, of course, the weather doesn’t predict how good the deals will be… It just increases the odds that more vendors will be there and the more vendors there are, the more likely that one of them will be selling a PC game.

With a PC drought going on for three weeks straight, it makes one wonder if the era of PC gaming is over. Everyone now buys their game through digital downloads, “Steam” and other “It’s not just in a box anymore” shenanigans. A box and a physical manual? You might as well hunt for Yetis or, rarer still, $2 dollar per gallon gas – You’d have better luck.

Yet, as Woody Allen once said, “80% of success is just showing up.” So now I needed some vendor to be the last 20%. Would that happen?


Hidden & Dangerous (Big Box) – $3.00: Yes, it’s “modern military” but it was a big box game (admittedly, the sides of the box are more then a bit crimped) with the manual and the disc. There appears to be a healthy number of expansions to the game (as well as a sequel) but I feel fairly confident that I’m not going to cry myself to sleep at night knowing that I won’t have the full set for this game. For $3 dollars, it’s an OK purchase that ends the drought even if the needle on the purchase is far more “Box on shelf that gathers dust” then “Cancel my meetings; I’ve got a game to play.”


TITAN QUEST: IMMORTAL THRONE (SMALL BOX) – $10.00: Ha ha. Snort. Giggle. I’m overreacting a bit, though; It is an expansion and the inner DVD case was shrink-wrapped (which automatically means that it’s worth it’s weight in gold, am I right, vendors?) so, if you look at it from the strict collector’s perspective… I still can’t see it. $10 dollars for Titan Quest alone? OK, fine, a bit on the pricey side but at least you would walk away with a playable game. $10 dollars for both TQ and the expansion? That’s an OK deal – Not great but you could do far worse. A lot of people (including the vendor who was selling practically all console stuff) probably had no idea what TQ:IT was really all about – It just added a fourth stage and added a lot of upgrades to the game, not like a traditional expansion that’s heavy on the levels and does what it needs to do with the patches. The problem with selling TQ:IT at $10 is that your audience is essentially TQ fans and, ironically, if you’re a TQ fan, you’ve already got TQ:IT (probably a copy in every room of their house).


Star Command? Still there. I didn’t ask. The same vendor that I bought Hidden & Dangerous from also had some sort of EverQuest big box that I didn’t even bother with. There was a Tropico / Stronghold shovelware CD that I didn’t ask about because I’ve already got that. There was a Star Wars: Empire at War (not the $17 dollar one) that I didn’t ask about – Again, got it and I didn’t feel the need to get another copy. The usual garbage was floating around – Sims… Casual games… Kids’ games… I didn’t see the Tie Fighter box that was there for the past two weeks or so. I did see a return of the Iron Man/ Tabula Rasa games and let them be.


The drought ends on another technicality. It’s playable but will I ever get the chance to play it? Probably not. Stranger things have happened, though. A person with a more modest collection would have found some deals but the fact that I keep seeing the same titles over and over again, week after week (What? No one has bought the Iron Man tie-in game yet?! What kind of barbaric land do I live in?!!) means that I don’t have a lot of competition in the PC field. That vendor who said that they had older 1990’s PC games… Not there and hasn’t been there for… 6 weeks now? Is he dead? In jail? Has he rediscovered religion? The vendor who stiffed me last week on the “wait another 30 minutes and I’ll bring my PC game stuff out” wasn’t there, either.

Here’s hoping that next week yields some truly wonderful deals.


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